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Welcome to the Ada County Wood Worker's Club!

The Ada County Wood Workers meet the second
Wednesday of every month from 7pm to 9pm at:


Overland Park Shopping Center

7005 West Overland Road


Next Meeting June 13, 2018

Hello Fellow Wood Workers,

So Wednesday is our June meeting and I look forward to seeing there.

This month is our three (3) board foot challenge. Please bring a maximum of 432 cubic inches (L X W X H) of wood (one piece or multiples - your choice) in a brown bag, with your name on the inside of the bag, to the meeting and we will exchange bags. Then each of us that participates will have our wood "returned" to us at the August picnic. That is - returned as a finished project. The fun is you can take your creativity out for a stroll and make something artsy or stay confined to the "practiced" and/or perfected. Last year I made a through tenon arts and crafts picture frame - definitely a practiced piece. This year I am going to work on something artsy so be ware if I get your bag. In either case, it is an excuse to get in your shop. So step out of your comfort zone, bring some wood and stretch your talents.

So for the demonstration this month we are doing something very out of the wooden box. We get to piggy back on the efforts of Aaron Cornell (who has arranged for this same training for the Turners club) who arranged for Paramedics to come to the meetings and give us a refresher course on CPR, controlling blood loss after injury and other "relevant first aid information we might need while in our shops. If you are like me you have had some previous training; however, my knowledge is a wee bit clotted so hearing, seeing and yes practicing the latest techniques will be quite useful. Because the Paramedics have so much to share I am going to keep the club business portion of the meeting as short as possible.

I look forward to seeing you Wednesday.
Happy "Dust Collecting" until then,

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