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Welcome to the Ada County Wood Worker's Club!

The Ada County Wood Workers meet the second
Wednesday of every month from 7pm to 9pm at:


Overland Park Shopping Center

7005 West Overland Road



It's time for the Christmas Party.

We missed last year due to the weather. So, here is the plan. Not much has changed since I updated you at last week's meeting. Except for the volunteer duties I'm asking for. The party will be in the Presbyterian church at 6500 W. Overland Rd..... just east of Woodcraft. Park behind the church and the entrance is on the basement level.... can't miss it.

Date: December 3rd
Times: 1:00 Setup, 1:30 Food preparation, 2:00 eat. When the eating has ended we will have the spirited gift exchange.

Please bring a gift if you would like to be involved in the exchange.

I'm calling on members for a few volunteer duties....

I need someone to pickup a turkey, roast it and bring it to the church by the food prep time (Jack did this last year).

One more volunteer for mashed potatoes. The club will reimburse for food cost.

Lets split the membership up for "other" food.... A-K bring desserts and L-Z bring a side dish.

Please call me at 208-861-2636 or email boisewood@gmail.com for questions and what you can volunteer for. Or respond to this update.

We share half the costs of parties with the Woodtuners, so get the most out of your membership and join in the festivities by participating.

Thanks, Brian

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