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Welcome to the Ada County Wood Worker's Club!

The Ada County Wood Workers meet the second
Wednesday of every month from 7pm to 9pm at:


Overland Park Shopping Center

7005 West Overland Road


Hello Fellow Wood Workers,

For our March meeting next Wednesday, Tim Stewart will be doing a sharpening demonstration. Come out and see what new technique(s) you can incorporate into your repertoire.

Don Blasdel is in need of more wood from the Statehouse or the Historical Museum if any of you, who have some, are willing to part with it to build more benches for the Museum. Please contact Don with questions about arranging delivery of it - i.e. place, date, time etc.

So, next Friday is the start of Idaho Artistry in Wood. Here is the link to the website:


Everything you need to know about the show is at this website. However, here are a few details to consider and wet your appetite. The best directions for getting to the JUMP facility are through Google maps on your phone OR looking on your computer (at Google Maps) before leaving home.

All club members "in good standing" (i.e. club dues paid) will get up to three entries paid for by the club. If you need help transporting your work to the show please bring it (them) next Wednesday and we will assist you.

The banquet. We are in a new space and have plenty of seats for everyone who wants to attend the dinner and auction on Saturday evening. However, you must register before Monday in order to reserve your meal. The tickets are $24.00 each for a GOOD dinner. By jigger no rubber fish or fake steak will be foisted off on us "dust inhalers" this year! The "banquet form" and instructions for the form are, of course, at the website. If using the website is not possible for you, call me (Scott @ 208-863-7991) and I will help you get your banquet request taken care of. You do not have to have work in the show to come to dinner. Likewise, if you have work in the show, coming to dinner is not mandatory but it is a lot of fun. And for a hermit like me to say this, speaks volumes to the good time it is.

John Lee is going to be the IAW judge for the Wood Working projects. I am grateful for his service and appreciate him lending his expertise to the IAW show. Thank you John.

So you may be wondering about the attached photo. Well, it is one of my, and John Pickrell's, bow back Windsor chairs in the finishing process. It has now changed from black to mostly red and before next Friday it will hopefully become a warm brown. The reason for the color changes is to try and "pop" the grain. Time will tell. Anyway, do you still have work to do on your pieces? I hope all of you are planning on bringing projects to the show. All of you have skills and there is a category for every project, so get cracking. One week to go.

Be well, be sharp and keep your fingers attached,


More to Consider....

Woodworkers:  We did well at the February meeting, getting about half of the volunteers needed for the weekend positions. I will pass the sign-up form around at next week's meeting to fill the remaining spots.  I really appreciate your help!

As mentioned already we will be doing registration for you if you bring your finished pieces on Wednesday and will take them to the Show if you like, all you will have to do is pick them up Sunday afternoon between 4:00 & 5:00 pm at JUMP. As we did last year for those who enter pieces, you will receive a wrist band which will give you free entrance to the show.

Remember that on Friday, the parking structure at JUMP is for Simplot employees until 4pm.  After that standard parking rates for the public start working (only $1.00 per hour for the first 3 hours). There are elevators from below to get you up to the main lobby and from there up to the 5th floor and the JUMP Room.

There will be an area to show off your past work and winners from previous shows.  They will need to be accounted for on a registration form so you can pick them up on Sunday, but they will be in a Non-Judged area and we will not be charging for them either.  This is just to show the public some of the great talent we have in the valley!

Auction and raffle pieces...haven't heard from any of you regarding pieces for the Live Auction Saturday night, Silent Auction, or raffle pieces.  Your wood working pieces have been very popular in the past and have brought good bids from the audience.  You guys have always been so good about donating pieces for the fundraising.  Hopefully you will be bringing more again this year.

Live Auction Saturday Night:  In the past, you've had to attend the banquet to bid on the auction pieces.  This year, if you want to come to the auction and not have the banquet dinner...that is OK....auction will start about 7:15-7:30 in the Pioneer Room on the 6th floor of JUMP.  All you will need to do is register and get a bidding paddle and open up your wallet!!!  This is a huge part of the fundraising for IAW and key to giving funds back to the clubs to help fund their operations throughout the year.  If you've never been to an IAW auction when Ryan is the auctioneer, you have missed a real treat.  It is fun, and when he starts singing, watch out...raises the roof!!!

If you still want to go to the banquet, the deadline is approaching.  We need to get a final count - and checks for the full amount - back to JUMP and Thomas Catering by close of business Monday...after that, it will be too late.  So if you're going to do it, don't wait any longer...you can take the form and check to Rich Froehlich at WoodCraft tomorrow, Saturday - 3/9, when he is working.

Please call with questions or concerns. Scott

Thanks to Rich Froehlich - from whom I "confiscated" the bulk of the message you just read.


Club By-Laws