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January 2011 Meeting

January 12, 2011

The meeting opened at 7:00 PM. Two guest were introduced by Ron Lee,  Bob Berg a student of Ron Lee’s and the other gentleman was camera shy.

The next meeting will be Feb. 9th, at 7:00 PM

A quick introduction of new officers, Micheal Kingsley - Pres. Ron Lee - Vice Pres., Jack Keifer - Treasurer, and George Ross – Secretary.


Micheal Kingsley brought in several boxes of wheels of various sizes, some wood barrels for models, wood people, caps for dowels, and axles.  The lady donating these parts would like to get a few of the models we build using these parts. That shouldn’t be a problem.

Ron Lee spoke to Patty at the Shriner’s Hospital in Portland. She said that all of the toys donated to them were gone in one week. She also requested that the toys be unfinished.

Micheal Kingsley took the floor and mentioned going to our website to see how shellac is made. They also had a good article on shellac in the Dec. Issue of Fine Woodworking. The Artistry in Wood Show is 26-27 Feb. Woodworkers who bring in articles for display, get in free. Registration forms are on our website, and they can also be used for non-members.

$ 1.00 off on tickets to the show can also be downloaded from our website.  If you would like to do a demonstration, contact Micheal.  There will also  be vendors at the show.

Steve Young said that Molly Winton,  a professional wood turner will be at the Artistry Show putting on a free demonstration in the morning, and in the afternoon she will have give a class on turning.  The class fee is $29.00


John Lee started a discussion about putting together an article on the historical side of the ACWW.  The club started in 1987 with meetings at members wood shops.  Eventually the club grew, and other members broke off to start the Wood Turners, Carvers, Scrollers, etc.  It was mentioned that Larry Wagner, and Tim Woodward would have additional information on the clubs history.

During the meeting, Ron Lee was taking photographs and  putting together a Rogue’s Gallery with pictures of members, with their names.  Also mentioned was having members put a short bio on what got them into wood working, and some of there favorite projects.

Jack Keifer was given the task of researching the Fine Woodworking DVD that they offer which covers all issues from number 1 to the present. A collection of books and tapes was also discussed, but the obstacle was where to store them, and who would be the librarian.


Brian Tandrow won the gift card.


Bob Hughes brought in a beautiful sheraton style  night stand/table made of walnut.  It was finished with shellac and wipe-on poly. He also showed a jig he made that was attached to his wood lathe, and using the indexing system on his lathe, cut the flutes on the table legs.  He also mentioned how he used a 1/8 inch beading bit to make the beading around the inlaid molding.  The drawer sides were made of hard maple, and using half blind dovetails with the walnut front, really set it off.  All in all, Bob said it was a two month adventure.

Joe Ziegler brought in two pieces of marquetry about 6 inches square.  He called one his bad day demo, and the other a good day plate.  He also showed a hard maple kleenex box cover with cnc engraving.  The hard maple cover was needed because his dog, the kleenex thief, was making off with the regular boxes of kleenex.  Well done Joe.


Scott showed some new items.  A flexible screwdriver,  LED light with a magnetic base, Wood River Awl, Portable Knife Sharpener, Gas/Spring cylinders for chest or desk top lids, etc., Multi-function calipers with digital readout, Magswitch featherboards, and an Accu Right  log mill for $130.00 so you can saw your own logs for your projects.


Ron Lee put on a demonstration of router table vs shaper.  He brought with him a portable shaper and explained it's versatility compared to the router table.  He also showed the different types of heavy duty bits and tooling that he uses in his shop.  One of the advantages was cutting the rails and stiles for cabinet doors, and having the center section of the doors not stick out above the rails and stiles, but be flush.  This made for easier sanding.  He also mentioned that when a tool is turning at 10,000 rpm, the cutting edge  is hitting your work about 167 times per second.

We need members to sign-up for the artistry show and show their projects.  To date no one has signed up.  Also needed are some articles to be donated for door prizes and the auction.  Down load entry forms and Email entries to Mike or bring them to the next meeting.  Look at your schedule to volunteer some time at the show.

Thought for the Month:

The reward of a thing well done is to have done it.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Bob Hughes Table

Note pattern on each side of drawer front surrounded by beading & the half blind dovetails.


Joe Ziegler Marquetry

Good day plate on left and bad day demo on the right, as Joe described them.

Joe Ziegler Kleenex box with ---------

-------CNC Engraving


Scott showing some of the new items for sale at Woodcraft.

Ron Lee putting on the Shaper demonstration.


Next meeting: February 9, 2011