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January 11, Meeting

January 2012

The meeting opened at 6:30 to distribute the toys to the Shriner’s so as not to interfere with the Shriner’s meeting which started at 7:00 PM. Shriner’s Stan Garrett - Potentate, and Ron Lester - Chief Rabban were in attendance from the El Korah Temple, Boise, to accept the 384 toys made by the members of the ACWW. The toys will be distributed to Shriner’s Hospitals from Salt Lake City to Portland. They have 22 hospitals throughout the U.S. and 2 burn centers with there focus on orthopedics, and burns.

The next meeting will be Feb. 8th, at 7:00 PM


Michael Kingsley started the meeting talking about the upcoming Artistry in Wood Show. If you make something for the raffle, they would prefer small items. If you would like to put on a demonstration, contact Michael. Michael’s grandson Chance will be putting on a snake demo with an 8" bandsaw. Ticket sellers needed to work 2 hour shifts, let Michael know your availability. Feb. 15th is the last day to register. You may register early by going to: idahoartistryinwood.com or .org. Download your entry and get a discount. More on this at the Feb. meeting. There will a table/tables to sell items club members make. If you work the table and sell your items the club gets 5% of the sale. If you don’t work the table and sell items, the club gets 10% of the sale. If you sell you will have to fill out a temporary tax form. A credit card machine is going to be made available for purchasers. Contact Ron Lee (573-0217) if your going to sell, so he will have an idea on how many tables he’ll need. If you plan on donating a piece for the auction which is held in conjunction with the dinner please send a picture of the item to Michael. John Lee has said he will be donating boxes. Michael suggested that possibly plant stands, lamps, chairs, stools, etc. could also be donated. The dinner is $ 32.00 per person and reservations are also available online. Michael has some walnut and maple drying at his home. He brought in a walnut bowl he turned from the green walnut. Some of it had the color of walnut, and the remainder was white like ash. He applied a coat of linseed oil to keep it from cracking. Ron Lee also has some wood. In addition Ron also has 3 chinese elms he would like to cut down and sticker. Michael has a lot of wheels for making toys and the club will be purchasing more axles for the toy projects.


Jack Kiefer reported a club balance of $691.27 as of the meeting night. Does not include any dues paid at the meeting. 

Dues are now due for the 2012 year.


Ron brought in a walnut box with a wipe on poly finish. It had a lift lid and to do this he routed a dado on the inside before cutting the lid off.

Mike McCullough brought in a burl turning that cracked while turning but was able to save it with some CA glue. The finish was 20 coats of poly using a foam brush.

Mike's next project was a walking stick made from apple stump and walnut mortised together with an eagle's head. The finish was 2 coats of watco on his BS stick as he calls it. Another walking stick had a false top where he was going to have some of ashes installed for his next life in the wood yard (a big forest), the wood was mountain mahogany.

Ron Lee showed one of many presentation boxes he was building to help out a friend of his who normally made them for retiring police officers. His friend usually made the boxes from oak and they were used to hold the officers firearm, medals, and any other awards. Ron made additional boxes from ash, elm, maple, etc. Ron also showed some shelving he made from the Capitol Ash Tree. It was approximately 12” X 48”. The finish was varathane for the shelves and boxes. Ron calls his finish the “thin to win” 4 coat finish, with 2 days drying time, then pumice and rottenstone to polish. Another shelving project was done with ¼ sawn spruce with bark edges. The wood came from a manufacturing plant in Nampa which is no longer in business.


The $15.00 gift card was won by Mike McCullough, Bob Johnson and Jack Kiefer each won a block of pen blanks for 2nd and 3rd.


Welcome – Pat Reed, Alan Hochalter, and Todd Leary


Scott showed several new products. A LED light for your drill press, a digital sliding T bevel, clamping blocks for odd shapes like a flag box with sharp angles, airbrush kit from badger, Kreg bench dogs, diamond lapping plate, fat max pull saw, 2 ½ inch flexible dust collection hose 12” to 32” in length, vari jig for router frame system, box clamps for boxes, razor knives, kreg klamp vise to hold objects vertical, caster cups of different sizes for solid or slippery grip, self adhesive bumpers, felt pads for feet or boxes, heat gun, micro fiber cloth rags for tack cloths, and a stanley clamp with auto retracting jaws and reversible jaws to use for spreading.


Scott from Woodcraft and John Pickrell showed their rocking chair project. The chair design was the Maloof style. The chair is made from some remaining Elm from the Capitol and Catalpa. Elm and Catalpa are very similar in their composition. They brought up all the trials and tribulations of making this chair. One of the problems was the chair seat which had a tendency to cup because of the different thicknesses, and to solve the problem they installed a sliding dovetail support under the seat to stop the cupping but to also allow the seat to expand and contract with the humidity. The jig used to bend the runners was quite unique but it did the job. The finish was interesting. They sanded down to 180, then applied a water base ebony dye stain, let it dry, then a coat of shellac, then sanded back to the grain to make a great contrast. Scott said that by using dye you can make 3 different woods look identical. They next applied vintage cherry dye. The final finish was 5 coats of water base lacquer. They estimated there time at 180 Hrs. There next problem was what they were going to do with the chair? They decided on 4 options – 1. share it each month, 2. cut it in half, 3. burn it, or 4. put it up for auction with the proceeds going to a worthwhile cause. They decided on option 4. If you missed the meeting you missed a well done presentation and the hard work they put into making this rocking chair. Very nice indeed.

Thought for the month: " All things are difficult before they are easy."
John Norley

Below are this months photos.......














Next meeting: February 8, 2012 at 7:00 PM - See you there!