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JANUARY 9, 2013

Idaho Artistry in Wood is coming in February and toys are being delivered to the Shriners.  Get involved!

Dear Member, 

At 7pm on Jan 9th the club met, called to order by President Micheal Kingsley.

IAW - Idaho Artistry in Wood.

Your first three items submitted will be paid by the club as long as they are submitted before the first day of registration (Friday the 22nd).  Any additional submissions before the 15th will be $3/each; after the 15th each entry will be $5.  Remember, IAW is on the 22nd, 23rd & 24th of February.

We need a total of 12 volunteers.  Four on Friday for registrations, 4 on Saturday and 4 on Sunday to cover the ticket table and the raffle table.  Contact Micheal to sign up for volunteering.  Also, talk to Micheal about volunteering to make signs for each of the competition divisions.

You can find the registration forms for both the entry and the banquet on the IAW website:  http://idahoartistryinwood.com.  Please check out the site, download the forms and the poster.  Also, distribute the poster to as many people and businesses as you can.  Plus you can download and print out some of the handbills for discounted entrance fees for friends and family.

Ron talked about the store table.  If you help at the store then you give up 5% of your sale.  If you don't help then you give up 10% of your sale.  Of

course, there is sales tax as well (it will be collected for each sale).

Remember that IAW is a MAJOR source of income for the club for toy parts, picnics, cookies, raffle gift cards, etc.  So volunteer, help out and show up!

Shriners Toys are due next month.  Last year we had 460 toys for the Shriners.  Ron also made an offer for anyone who wants to join him tomorrow (Jan 10th) building toys in his shop.  We had wheels and axles for people to pick up.  Also there is scrap lumber at Western Cabinet.  Sumac, Walnut, Cedar, Redwood are all potentially allergic so don't use them for the toys.  Shellac is a good finish.  

The video cabinet that contains the club materials in the back of Woodcraft is no longer sufficient.  Micheal is proposing making a committee to figure out how to get it done.  Representatives from each club should participate.  

Demo committee.  Micheal needs a volunteer to run the demos for the club meetings.  He is out of topics for doing demos.

Micheal asked the attendees a couple of questions...

What kinds of woodworking do you do?  What motivates you to do it?

There were a variety of answers:
* The challenge of making something
* The inspiration from a piece of wood
* My spouse

What's your favorite tool?

* 6" Starret Square
* Table saw
* Tape measure (useful for scaring a cat)
* Wide belt sander (15" open face - air operated, safety brake)

Steve Merrill covered Woodcraft's deals and new stuff:

Black Friday left overs still at Black Friday prices - Pyramid Kit, 6-piece clamp set and dust pans.

New stuff: cordless engraver, Woodriver wheel marking gauge, Cocobolo strips.  Also, Monte clears out all the old tools in the shop every January.  There are still a few items left including workbenches and a hollowing tools.  A flexible and collapsible table.


Show and Tell from Brian and Russ.

Brian's keepsake box with an inlaid, scroll sawed Idaho quarter.

Brian created these turning tools including turning the handles and machining the metal - all but the tips.  You can also see a clever business card holder in this picture that he made.

These are a few of projects I (Russ Whitney) did in December.  On the left is an Asian-Inspired Jewelry box and on the right are some bandsaw and scrollsaw projects for the holidays.



Micheal gave a great demo of Dying wood.

Micheal used a product called TransTint which is alcohol based.  He also highlighted his work with architectural pens, which are also alcohol based.  He mixed the colors in small dixie cups.  He also had tiny, fine sharpie pens which also happen to be alcohol based.  (do you see a theme here).  Then finally he used denatured alcohol in a squirt bottle.

He brought a couple of unfinished pieces which were sanded to 100 grit, ready for the application of the tint.  He said after the tinting he would lightly sand at 400 grit and apply shellac.  blonde shellac mixed with shellac (good for about 6 months then it won't dry).  A paper towel is the applicator.

Apply and rub it in really well.  Don't pause with the dark colors like black or you might get "blurples".  That's a technical term from Micheal.  You can wipe more alcohol to blend the colors or lighten the colors.

You can sand back the colors for different types of effects.

And finally, come see our website!  It is looking better than ever. Marleen has started highlighting some of the work done by our members on the front page and Micheal would really like everyone to look at it to see what is new. Also you can find the registration forms for the IAW Show there.

Thanks all and we'll see you next month,