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January 2014 Meeting

JANUARY 8, 2014

First, apologies from your new secretary for the lack of newsletter photos.
I came to the meeting prepared with my camera and two batteries.  I suspected the one in the camera was low on charge since it hadn't been used for a while and it was, sooo in went the one I charged prior to the meeting. That one was DOA as well!  It apparently won't take a charge anymore.  I will make sure I have good batteries for the next meeting.


Meeting Minutes

At 7pm on Jan 8th the club met at Woodcraft in Boise, called to order by President Micheal Kingsley.

Old Business:

Officers for 2014 are:
President – Micheal Kingsley
Vice President – Dan Kolsky
Treasurer – Jack Keifer
Secretary – Alan Hochhalter
Meeting Refreshments – Kelly Christensen

Christmas dinner was good even though turn-out was less than previous years. Micheal reported there was lots of good food and a new way of exchanging gifts sped the exchange up.

Toys for the El Korah Shriners will be presented at the Idaho Artistry in Wood show February 22nd. 2” wheels and axles were available at the meeting. Jack Keifer reported that 4000 1.5” wheels and 3500 1.25” wheels were at the UPS facility in Boise and would be delivered to his home the next day. Jack had a sign-up sheet at the meeting for people interested in wheels. If you didn't sign up and need wheels, contact him.

If you're making toys for the Shriners, bring them to the February meeting, the show, or take them to Micheal Kingsley.

The Shrine Circus needs Eight or ten wood donation boxes about the size of a shoe box. They will be needed by the first of June. The boxes will be placed at entry and exit gates to allow people to make donations. Boxes need a hinged lid and hasp for a lock. A fastener of some sort to allow a cable to be connected to prevent theft is suggested. Boxes can be decorated with a circus motif or the Shriners will do that. Ron Lee (got?) volunteered to coordinate. Four people (including Ron) said they would make one so that leaves at least four more to go.

New Business:

IAW - Idaho Artistry in Wood is coming up in February.

From the show web site  ...

The 2014 Idaho Artistry in Wood Show will be held Saturday, February 22 and Sunday, February 23 at the Boise Hotel and Conference Center, 3300 Vista Ave., Boise, Idaho. Show hours on Saturday are 9 a.m.–5 p.m. and on Sunday, 10 a.m.–4 p.m. The show provides the opportunity for artists working in wood and gourds to participate in judged competition and display their work to the public. The event will also include demonstrations, sale of wood and gourd art objects and other activities.

Admission to the show is $4. For youth 12 and under, the show is free. The cost of entering work in the show is $3 per piece if registered in advance or $5 at registration, which will take place Friday, February 21, 1-6 p.m. at the conference center.

The show banquet will be Saturday February 22nd at 6PM. Banquet and sign-up forms and registration forms are available at the show web site noted above.

Since there has been no access for the general public to bid on any of our auction items at previous shows, this year there will be a silent auction open to the public. The items will be displayed during the show and locked up at night. The silent auction starts as soon as the doors open. We are asking for at least one high value item to be offered by each club. Micheal will contribute one of his guitars if no-one else steps forward with a comparable piece of furniture which would be great. Both would be even better. Items entered for the show judging can be sold in the silent auction.

We need two or three items for the regular auction after the banquet and at least five or six small items for the raffle. We have done great in the past as evidenced by the $750 the club got back last year.

Sign-up sheets were available at the meeting for volunteers to help with registration, the silent auction table, and the raffle. Those sheets weren't full at the end of the meeting, and will be available again at the next meeting. You can also call Micheal at 208-362-1767 to sign up. If anyone wants to volunteer to judge show entries, contact Micheal as well.

Ron Lee volunteered to host a sales table for club members.  Bowls, boxes, seam rippers, sewing awls, cutting boards, toys, and walking sticks were for sale last year for a total of 80 pieces. Ten percent of the sale price goes to the club (5% if you help staff the table). Sales tax is the responsibility of each individual seller. Apparently you can go online to get set up for sales tax.

If someone capable of processing credit cards with a smart phone could help out, it would be appreciated since most people don't carry cash to purchase higher value items.

Remember that the club pays the entry fees for the first three items entered for judging in the show.

Show and Tell

Bruce Johnstone displayed a Roubo bookstand made from Padouk and a Roubo square.

Brian Bass showed two items he made with wood-burning, one from Oak and another in leather.

Peter Leech displayed a knickknack shelf he made with end pieces in the shape of the state of Idaho.


Dan Kolsky had some ShopNotes magazines to give away.

Raffle prizes this time were Woodcraft gift cards and veneer.

2014 dues of $15.00 are due.  Pay Jack Keifer at the next meeting.

Meeting Presentation

The evening's presentation was given by Bruce Johnstone on some of the jigs he has used in his shop. First was a box joint jig for the tablesaw. The second was a jig to line up a chisel for cutting the base of pins and tails. Jig number three was a jig he used to route the outside of a circular stool top that also had a pair of shaped rails and a “trolley base” for the router that allowed him to hollow the top. This used the same pivot point used to shape the outside. The plans were from Woodsmith Magazine. Lastly, a right angle jig for the drill press that can also be used on the router table and tablesaw.

Ron Lee showed some photos of a linen cabinet he made for a customer to fit a corner with an odd angle. He also had some pictures of the last toy building get-together he hosted. Ron showed photos and talked about a dining room table top he made to replace one on an existing antique base. The top is 72” in diameter made from quartersawn white oak.

Next Meeting

The speaker for the next meeting will be Joe Howard who will present a slide show and talk about cabin building.

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