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October 2011 Meeting

October 10, 2011

Ron Lee opened the meeting. The door prize bowl was passed around and newcomers were asked for but not found. The Treasurer’s report was given and we are still in the good.

First discussion was about the Idaho Artistry in wood show. The show is asking for three items from each club for the annual auction and as many items as we can give them for Door raffle items to be raffled off. These are to be small items, toys, tops, boxes, things that wouldn’t take a lot of time to make or effort, just something for the general public. The three Auction Items however are different. These are to be artistic items that we are auctioning off at the banquet to try and keep the show alive. So please check with the president or vice-president as to what you would like to contribute. We will continue to ask until the three Items are contributed.

We have a Featured Artist, he is to be John Lee. If anyone wants to check out the website http://idahoartistryinwood.org you will be able to see his bio and some of his artwork that will be featured at the show. John will have his own table at the show and said he “might” do a demo or two, if he was up to it. We also discussed whether or not we would have a demonstration for our club. We have decided on band saw boxes. Micheal Kingsley has a bench top band saw or two that he can bring, now we just need some demonstrators. So, we are also looking for folks to sign up for that. It doesn’t have to be constant, just a few hours during the show would be sufficient. It would be good to practice prior to the show so you don’t cut off anything valuable!

Next we had a show and tell. Bob Johnson brought in a table he made of teak with bent, laminated legs. He said he used weldwood glue to laminate them, it is polyuric glue with a nice setup time to it. Sorry but I didn’t get the finish written down. I think he said something about an alcohol based aircraft carrier clear sealer, but you will have to ask him next time you see him, I probably got that part wrong. It certainly was a beautiful piece of work great job Bob!

Next Dan Huffman showed another one of his incredible boxes. This one looked like it was made out of a single piece of walnut, the pattern matched on all four sides, and the top with dark walnut or ebony feet. Dan must really like Walnut, he sure uses a lot of it. This one he finished using a wipe on poly. It sure was shiny. Good work Dan!

Next up was Jim McDonald with a Mystery Pepper Grinder. He asked us all to guess what kind of wood it was made from. When no-one got it right, he told us it was Sagebrush. One of Idaho’s Native offerings. He said it was hard to work because there was a lot of sand mixed into the wood as it grew, so you had to keep sharpening your tools as you worked it. He also said a piece of Sage Brush that size was probably 500 years old or so. Wow, what a piece of art to bring it for us to enjoy Jim!

Well, after that we had the drawing and all three cards were given out. I can only remember two of them the $10 went to me and the $15 went to Dan Huffman, I’m not sure who got the $25 one, but congrats to whoever got it!

Steve young got up and announced his turn for the troops project that is going to be held at Woodcraft this weekend the 5th of November from 8:00-6:00 and he asked for as many hands as he can get. So if you are here in town and can turn a pen, come on down and join the fun. Steve is hoping to beat last year’s record of 1200. John Pickrell is going to be heading up the assembly process. He will probably need help as well.

After that we had a break for cookies and pop.

Scott from Woodcraft gave his usual rousing show of new products after the break. Good stuff; a drill press light for crosshairs on what you are drilling, mini cordless screwdriver… can’t get my head around why they call them cordless, most ALL of my screwdrivers are cordless, I just have to supply the power! Some new hearing protection and some new abranet in small disks and finer grits for anyone that uses a drill for sanding. I love the sanding product myself, if you take care of it, it will last you a long lime and it sticks to Velcro which makes for some great sanding blocks (just my 2 cents there).

Scott also talked about the Rob Cosman Dovetails class November 10th, and his Candle Box November 11th, so sign up soon if you are interested!

Jack brought in some Ironwood too. We tried to auction it off, no one wanted it, so we decided to try and sell it to some of the wood turners for club funding, and we’ll see what happens.

After that Ron asked everyone about the projects they were building and got some great responses, far too many for me to write down. I’ll need a recorder or something to keep track if we are going to have that kind of conversation, it was just too fascinating to write and listen at the same time.

Next meeting will be the yearly contest for the best projects of the year, so bring your best work. Those that don’t will be forced to do the judging so, let’s have as many projects as possible!

Also, yearly elections are going to be held, so think of the best candidate for club functionary and let’s have a great election!

Here is Bob discussing his table, how he constructed it and finished it, Jack looks on in rapt suspense.


Dan’s Box. He must spend hours making those boxes. Each one a Masterpiece!


Here is a good shot of Ron watching from the side as Scott does his presentation of Woodcraft new Items. Those things he is holding up, by the way, are the small round abranet sanding disks. They don’t even need holes in them since they are simply a net to begin with.


Everyone have a Great Weekend, Sorry for getting this out so late, I’ve been a bit under the weather as of late. Hopefully things will start to look up soon! 
Let’s see……    what about one of Georges quotes…
“You don’t have a soul, you are a soul, you have a body” C.S. Lewis

Thanks to all,
Micheal Kingsley


Next meeting: November 9, 2011 at 7 PM