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October 10, 2012:

Meeting brought to order by President Micheal Kingsley

Treasurer's Report - Jack Keifer
Club balance as of 10/10 is $1,025.39.
We get about $25-$30 per meeting from the Raffle and it helps to maintain our balance.


~ Joe Howard - Done a little bit of woodworking.  Has an old Shopsmith machine.

~ Bruce Johnstone - Saw the meeting on the Woodcraft website.  Retired a couple of years ago and is interested in checking out what we are up to.

~ Scott Taylor - New member of the club.  Was working here at Woodcraft until the end of August.

New Business

~ Next Month is our club's best of the year show.  Bring in your best project of the year and we will identify some judges.

~ Russ Whitney is the new Secretary as of this month and will be sending out the newsletter.

~ Turning for the Troops - 3rd of November.  Blanks are already prepared.  Come in to Woodcraft anytime after 7am and help.  Steve hopes to have 25-30 lathes here.  By this year we will have made 10,000 pens.  We plan to make 1,000 pens in one day.  Non-turners will be very helpful as well because the pens will need to be assembled.

~ Wood turning exhibition Friday and Saturday (19th, 20th & 21st).  The wood turners club is picking up $500 of the cost to make the fees much cheaper.  Kirk Deheer is the instructor.  People should sign up as soon as possible to ensure the coordinators can plan for the attendence.

~ Micheal is doing a demo of SketchUp on this Saturday at noon.  Micheal is doing a class on the 20th.

~ The Idaho Artistry in Wood (IAW) will need 5 items for the auction from each club.  If you want to make something to submit, then please consider it.

~ Micheal showed a fiddle kit last month.  He's looking for people that might want to join in on making fiddles.  If there are several people then we can purchase a group of them at a discount.

~ Ron Lee discussed getting together in groups to make toys.  If anyone is interested then contact Joe Zeigler or Ron to get coordinated.  Joe made a couple of prototypes and passed them around.


Show and Tell

Michael brought in some small projects that he did this month.  He made a bunch of tops and a couple of small bowls and dyed them.  The different effects of combining the dyes were very interesting.  Two bowls were made from maple and one from cottonwood.  There was a request to have Michael do a demo of how to use the wood dyes.

What's new at Woodcraft

Steve Merrill showed a New pizza cutter - very heavy duty.  The handle has a threaded insert so the handle can be removed and the metal can be put in the dishwasher.
Abernet Turners Sanding Pack, very good sandpaper, it lasts a lot longer so it is good for more difficult materials like CA glue.
Performance Abrasives New Wave Scruff & Buff ball to put on your drill press and it's made with the same abrasive materials like a scrub pad.
Mirka Polarshine Polishing Pack a collection of four grit sizes.
A new kitchen carving set - Japanese steel.
A Dremel trio - Sand, route and cut.

Steve also manages the demo program.  Every Saturday we have 2-3 demos. 10:30, 12:00 and 1:00pm.  He is interested in people who like to do demos or have ideas to do demos.  


3 gift cards and a couple of tape measures were given out.


Michael demonstrated a Work Sharp to sharpen tools.  We watched a promotional video.  It has a disc on top for freehand sharpening.  Then it has ports to slide in a chisel and you can set the sharpening angle of 20, 25, 30 & 35 degrees.  It costs about $300.

Michael recommended putting black marker on the edge so you can be sure that you sharpened the entire area you intended to.

There is an accessory to the Tormek Jig that can be used with the Work Sharp to make it possible to sharpened bench chisels.

Next Meeting November 14, 2012