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October, 2013

John Pickrell shared a beautiful Jefferson writing desk that he created. Read on to hear about upcoming events.

Dear Member,

Our honorable (lame duck!) President, Micheal Kingsley, called the October meeting to order promptly at 7pm.

Jack, our treasurer, reported that we have money.  Whew!  Even though we spent around $300 on the picnic we had $1396.74 prior to getting our snacks tonight. And fortunately, the Turners Club reimbursed us for half of the picnic cost.

We had one new attendee...

* Dennis Hammond - curious about the club and came to meet other folks who work with wood

Old Business

The summer picnic - The food & music was great and Scott Taylor came away with the $50 Ram dinner.

The Woodcraft Wood Fair - Scott Taylor came away with an $500 Easy Wood Quick Change Chuck as a prize there too.  What's up with that?  Scott should go to Vegas.

Micheal says he's going to teach a class here at Woodcraft in December on how to make his book stand out of a single piece of wood.  He also is teaching a class on SketchUp in November. He says the SketchUp classes run every couple months.

New Business

Turning for the troops next month (on the 9th).  If you don't recall, that's where a bunch of us get together and, literally, make hundreds of pens to share with the troops over seas.

Our best-of-the-year contest is in our meeting next month.  Bring in the best piece you made last year.  If you don't, you will probably end up being a judge!  We will give away $50, $25 & $10 gift certificates for the winners.

Elections are next month.  Micheal is stepping down as President and Russ is stepping down as Secretary.  Both positions are available.

In February, of course, is the Idaho Artistry in Wood (IAW).  We are doing a new thing at the show this year. Since there has been no access for the general public to bid on any of our auction items, we have had a motion and decision to start a silent auction that is open to the public. The items will be shown throughout the time of the show and folks will be able to start the auction as soon as the doors open. We are asking for at least ONE high value item to be offered by each club.  Micheal is promising to donate a guitar if no one else steps forward with a comparable piece of furniture.  We are looking for items valued around $500.  You will provide a starting price and a little history for the auctioneer to use in presenting it.  We will also need two or three items for our regular auction after the banquet and at least 5-6 items for the raffle. Remember, we got $750 back from the show last year.

Also, we will be turning over the toys to the Shriners at the IAW show.  So be sure to get going on making your toys.  We have plenty of toy parts.  We contributed around 600 toys last year.

Steve Merrill shared some new items from Woodcraft.  Festool track saw has been recalled so if you have one there will be replacements soon (about Oct 19th). Kreg came out with a new pocket hold jig.  There is a new line from forest tools - a Dremel, an Angle grinder and a Sander.  Now have carbide-tipped band saw blades (~$130) by Morse.

Raffle & break

Show & Tell

John Stone - Got plans for a stool out of Woodsmith.  Used a contrasting wood (purpleheart) against Maple to get a nice look.  The hardware came from Lee Valley. John says he plans to build another one.


Brian Bass - Made a couple of bowls with scroll sawed pieces and then lathed. Brian does extremely nice work!


Micheal Kingsley - Made a series of canteen vases.  The pieces were separated, turned and recombined. It may be hard to see in this photo but each of the vases is narrow like a canteen. Micheal says first one took about 8 hours. Ask Micheal next time you see him about the details of how he made them. It was quite a clever process.

Demonstration by John Pickrell...

American Woodworker magazine had a plan for a Jefferson Writing Desk.  John altered the plan to make this lap desk. He made it from Elm and Cherry.  Tung Oil, 3-4 coats.  Thickest piece is 3/8".  It was a nice demonstration because he brought in his mistakes as well.  For example, he had a router that creeped in depth as he was working and it went right through the material.  

This project was the first time for John to apply several techniques.  Putting in the drawer lock, doing stringing, working with Elm.  

Thanks all and we'll see you next month,