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Minutes of the October 08, 2014  Meeting held at Woodcraft in Boise.
President Micheal Kingsley called the meeting to order at 7:01 PM.


New members




Jim Tyner
Brian and Tammy from the woodturners club


Treasurer's Report - Jack Keifer

Treasurer Jack Keifer reported the current treasury balance is approximately $1200.  Ten thousand wood axles costing $298.40 were received since the last meeting.


Old Business


The President Micheal Kingsley reported that the picnic went well and cost less than last year.  He thanked Ron and Linda Lee for hosting the picnic again this year and also thanked those who helped with the event.

Non-profit Status

Micheal announced the club has articles of incorporation from the state of Idaho and a federal employer ID number.  


Axles and wheels for toys are available for those building toys for the Shriners.  Some sets of plans are available for those who need some ideas.  Call Micheal if you need wheels or axles.


The chairs that the club contributed money for are available.  The woodturners actually did the purchasing.


New Business


Elections are coming up in November.  An e-mail announcement will be sent out with a slate of officers.

Christmas Party

The Christmas Party will be held at the Presbyterian Church at 6500 Overland Rd on December 2nd at 6:30 PM with the woodturners.

Side dishes and desserts will be pot-luck.  The club will pay for turkeys and hams for members to cook.
A - L = dessert
M - Z = side or salad

The following members volunteered to help:
Alan Hochhalter - ham
Ron Lee – turkey
Aaron Cornell - deep-fried turkey
Brian Malner – turkey and potatoes & gravy
Micheal Kingsley – dressing
Steve Young - ham
Dan Kolsky, Brian Bass, Scott Taylor, Pat Reed (maybe) – helping setup

As in past years, there will be a gift exchange.  Make something to exchange!

Idaho Artistry in Wood

The IAW show will be coming up in February so members should be thinking about entries.  Micheal reminded everyone that the club pays the fees for the first three entries by club members.

The show will be trying online registration this year.  By filling out the online form and including a picture of the builder and the item being submitted the process will be streamlined and visitors to the show will be able to connect the item on display and the builder.

Go to http://idahoartistryinwood.org/ for more information.

Club Project Show

The November meeting next month is the opportunity for you to bring in your projects to show everyone and be judged to select winners.

Turning For the Troops

John Pickrell reported that November 8th will be the annual turning for the troops pen making event at the Woodcraft store.  This is part of a national program.

Parts will be ready to be turned.  There are generally at least 25 lathes.  There will be an assembly line to put the pens together.  John said some pens are ready for assembly.  Volunteers are appreciated.  It will start at 8 AM.

If you want to turn pens, John suggested a skew and/or a small bowl or pen gouge, safety equipment such as respirator and safety glasses, and a small lathe.

Are CNC Routers Really Woodworking?

Micheal and Joe Ziegler talked about a Wood Magazine article about CNC routers.  The author concluded using a CNC router is woodworking.

BSU Cedar Trees

Pat Reed reported that he has wood from two cedar trees from BSU.  Members can use the wood, but BSU would like photos of what is made.  Pat will cut and dry it in his solar kiln which takes about four months.  He estimated there was about 400 board feet of red cedar.  After some discussion, consensus seemed to be that 1/3 each of 1”, 2” and 3” material would be a good choice for cutting.

Idaho State Historical Museum

Micheal said the museum is removing floorboards from the saloon exhibit as part of a remodeling project.  The lumber (fir) is available.  Club members expressed interest so Micheal will tell them we’re interested.


New at Woodcraft

Steve Merrill said Wood River planer blades for Delta thickness planers are now available.  (Wood River is Woodcraft’s private label tool line.)  Wixey digital height readouts for thickness planers are available.


Woodcraft Demo

Steve Merrill talked about the Saw Stop table saw and how their emergency blade stop mechanism works.  He also showed off the new Saw Stop sliding table accessory.  It can cut up to 48” max. blade to miter gauge and can cut angles as well.  The price is around $1K.  Steve said the sliding table can be retrofitted to existing saws by cutting the sliding fence rails and probably to other brands as well by drilling mounting holes to fit.  Woodcraft had their Saw Stop rails cut locally.



Regular raffle: three $15 Woodcraft gift cards, long nosed pattern marker, rawhide mallet.
Class raffle: Floyd Bird won the $60 Woodcraft class gift card.



Bob Hughes showed us how he makes banding.

Bob said he makes banding because he can make it thicker than what he can buy.

The process goes something like this:

Start by ripping slabs of ebony walnut and holly (for the banding he showed us) to get pieces about 12”x1.5”x1/8”.  These are then glued into a sandwich with 9 layers.  The sandwich is sliced across the width with the saw blade at an angle to give slices about 1/8” thick.  (See the accompanying picture.)  Bob places the slices on a piece of tape sticky side up with the beveled edges fitting closely together.  Then he glues them together using a syringe to dispense the glue.  (Flexing the tape will open the joint between slices.) Then they’re glued to a thin holly backing to create a strip about 1.5” wide and the tape can be removed.  To keep the chevron pattern from diverging due to differences in the thickness of the original slabs, Bob numbers the slices as he cuts them and puts them into different strips in order. (e.g. 1, 3, 5… in one strip, 2, 4, 6… in the other)  Bob uses Titebond III glue.

My photo of the resulting banding ended up fuzzy, but you can see the result if you look carefully in the photo above.  The banding has layers as follows; thin holly, holly-walnut-ebony, thin holly, holly-walnut-ebony, thin holly.  The layers with alternating woods are arranged to create a chevron pattern.

Bob gave the following helpful hints:

Precision counts!

The thickness of your materials, especially when cutting the slices needs to be uniform.

Use a thin kerf blade on the table saw to avoid waste.


Show & Tell

Bruce Johnstone had a fly fishing net with a handle he made that has a “map” of the Boise river inlay.  He also had a toy crane he just finished.


John Olden showed an “Idaho” bookshelf.  

Ron Lee talked about a front door he made for a customer out of knotty alder.  He finished it with Penofin marine oil finish.  He applies it until the wood will absorb no more and sands when wet.  To keep finish from “creeping” out of the joints between the frame and panels, he used an air hose to blow air at the joints.  He did this periodically for an hour after applying the finish.


Pat Reed had a Banksia pod beer opener.


Joe Ziegler showed a chess table with walnut and ash for the field.  The outside is cherry.  He also made some mini chessboard coasters.


Ken Viste had some band saw boxes.

John Lee showed a table saw jig that clamps on the rip fence.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:03 PM.

Alan Hochhalter, Secretary


Upcoming Events:

Next meeting: November 12, 7 PM, Woodcraft Boise.

Christmas Potluck: December 02, 6:30PM, Presbyterian Church, 6500 Overland Rd


2014 Officers:

President – Micheal Kingsley
Vice President – Dan Kolsky
Treasurer – Jack Keifer
Secretary – Alan Hochhalter
Meeting Refreshments – Kelly Christensen