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Minutes of the October 14, 2015 Meeting held at Woodcraft in Boise.
President Brian Bass called the meeting to order at 7:02 PM


New members






Treasurer's Report - Jack Keifer

Treasurer Jack Keifer reported the current balance in the treasury is $695.97.



John Pickrell announced the Christmas Party will be December 9th at 6 PM at the Presbyterian Church at 6500 Overland Rd.

Steve Young announced that Turn For Troops will be November 7 at the store.  They will be trying for 1200-1300 pens.  The project will start at 8 AM, with the store open at 7 AM.  Wood is ready to turn and some pens are ready for assembly.  Turning will be in the store shops, with assembly in the back.  If you want to bring a lathe, bring it to the store a day or two in advance.

The next class raffle will be held during the January-February 2016 time-frame.

Jack Keifer has a Delta scroll saw for sale.  See the attachment following the minutes.

Next month will be the annual project show and judging.


New at Woodcraft

Steve Merrill talked about a few new items at the store:

A new Veritas honing guide kit with wide and narrow tool attachments.  The narrow jig holds chisels more securely and is available separately for those who already have the regular guide.
There is a new Wood River (Woodcraft’s own brand) marking knife set for $59.99 with single bevel left and right blades, and a spear point blade.
Festool has a new random orbit finish sander.
Woodcraft has some new Whiteside CNC router bits available.
The new Shark and Piranha CNC machines are available.
The Kreg Jig K5 kit is available as well as a storage box.
The store has some ½ & ⅜ high quality plywood offcuts available for $4 each.


Old Business:


Ron Lee suggested the club make some boxes for kids in addition to the toys, and said he has a quantity of wood that can be used to make them.


John Pickrell will work on a slate of nominees for the officer elections to be held next month.  Jack Keifer will not be running for treasurer again.


New Business


John Pickrell will work on a slate of nominees for the officer elections to be held next month.  Jack Keifer will not be running for treasurer again..



Regular raffle: two $15 Woodcraft gift cards, an unfinished Myrtle wood bowl from Steve Merrill’s September demo, a pair of Jet corner clamps, and a Windsor chair book.

Class raffle: Next raffle in February 2016.


Show & Tell

Linda Yordy had a table made from scrap wood.  The Festool Domino joiner was used to join the legs and aprons.  The top is birds eye Maple with a linseed oil and rub-on poly finish.


Jared Marsh showed his in-progress guitar.


Jim McDonald had a pepper mill made from a piece of sage brush.


Brian Bass had a turned platter, a segmented bowl, a smaller bowl salvaged from another bowl project gone wrong, and some small turned boxes.



Michael Kingsley talked about band saw setup using a small 7” band saw he used for 3 guitars before buying a larger one.  The small one still gets a lot of use.

Michael’s tips for a tune-up:

If there is a gap between the blade and the throat plate that comes with the saw, replace the plate with one that has no gap like people do on table saws.

You should not have blade drift requiring you to feet stock at an angle or set the fence at an angle if the blade and saw are set up properly.

To eliminate drift, first make sure both wheels are in the same plane (with blade off) by placing a straightedge across the rims of the wheels.  You may need to get creative in finding a way to get the straightedge on the rims.  Adjust or shim the wheel mounting blocks as needed.

The body of the blade should ride on the high point of the wheel crown so the teeth are not on the crown which will cause drift.  You’re trying to get the blade at 90 degrees to the plane established above.

Some blades may have burrs on one side of the teeth due to the way they’re made.  Turn the blade inside-out and run it backward (teeth pointing up instead of down) and carefully stone the side of the blade with a light touch.  You shouldn’t see sparks when doing this.  You can also round the back edges of the blade.

To set the tension, Michael tries for ⅛ inch of movement side-side on the 7” saw and ¼ inch on a 14” saw with normal hand pressure and the top guide all the way up.

He sets the blade guide clearance to about that of a one dollar bill.  Make sure the side guides are behind the gullets of the teeth.

A light in front of the blade eliminates shadows and makes it much easier to follow a line.

Wheels should have a brush to remove dust so it doesn’t get embedded in the tires.  Check and clean periodically.  Hooking up a dust collector helps too.



The meeting was adjourned at 8:56 PM.

Alan Hochhalter, Secretary.


Upcoming Events:

Turn For Troops: November 07, 8 AM, Woodcraft Boise.

Next meeting: 7:00 PM, November 11, 2015 at Boise Woodcraft.
 Annual Project Show and Judging.

Christmas Party: December 09, 6 PM at the Presbyterian Church, 6500 Overland Road, Boise.t


2015 Officers:

President – Brian Bass
Vice President – Scott Taylor

Treasurer – Jack Keifer
Secretary – Alan Hochhalter
Meeting Refreshments – Kelly Christensen


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