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November 11, 2009 Meeting


About 20 woodworkers were in attendance.

Two guests, Ray and Paula Forte introduced themselves.

President Pickrell saluted veterans on this Veterans Day.

Steve Young reported on the Turning for Troops event. He reported that 23 lathes were kept running most of the time. He counted nearly 50 people there at one time. Thirteen hundred pens were sent which included two hundred from Twin Falls as well as some from local high schools.

Election of Officers for the coming year.

President Pickrell presented a slate of officers.

President:  Mike Kingsley

Vice President:  Bob Rudkin

Treasurer: Bob Middleton

Secretary: Ken Viste

It was moved and seconded to cast a unanimous ballot. The measure passed.

The Christmas party in conjunction with the Wood Turners will be on Tuesday, Dec. 8 at the Southminster Presbyterian Church on Overland Rd a short distance east of the Woodcraft store.

Those with last names A to M are to bring a dessert, N to Z a side dish. Party starts at 6:30 pm.

Max Black won the drawing for the gift certificate.


This was our annual show and competition. Many items were shown.

Podium made by Ray Forte of elm for the Capitol project.



Bob Rudkin’s rocking horse from walnut and maple using dowel construction is pictured on the last page.


 Jim McDonald made a jewelry box of maple, a table of black and white lumba and a clock of Black and English walnut.



Dan Huffman made a jewelry box of zebra   wood, walnut, maple, and mahogany



Chance Gatfield made a clock  of maple burl



Bob Middleton made a jewelry/music box



Mike Kingsley showed a dyed maple burl bowl and a flute.


John Pickrell showed a chair he had caned.



The projects were judged by Steve Young, Gary Smith and John Lee. The grand champion was the rocking horse by Bob Rudkin.


These are some of the items in the contest.


The next meeting is the party on Dec 8. Bring an item for gift exchange (optional but encouraged) and a dessert or side dish. (and spouse or friends)



Three old woodworkers sitting on a park bench. One says, “Its sure windy”. The next says, “No its Thursday”. The third says, “So am I, let’s get a beer”.

(They should have used hearing protection.)