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November 2010 Meeting

November 13, 2010

The meeting was opened at 7:00 with the introduction of Gary Adams, El Korah Shrine Potentate, who accepted the wooden toys made by the Wood Workers. He described the Shriners mission of caring for children at their many hospitals. They started in 1922 to care for polio victims. They now concentrate of orthopedic care and in addition have 4 hospitals dedicated to treating burns.

President Mike Kingsley recognized the contribution of Jim McDonald and Alfred Howell for providing the plans for the toys.

Steve Young thanked those who helped in the Turn for the Troops project. Twenty eight lathes were in use. More than 60 people were helping at one time, turning and assembling pens as well as many support roles. While many stayed for the whole day, many more were there for shorter periods. Twelve hundred and forty pens were turned, assembled, and packed for shipment. In the seven years of this project our club has made more than 8000 pens.

Treasurer Bob Middleton reported a balance of $363.32.

The Christmas Party
with the Wood Turners will be at the Presbyterian Church at 6500 Overland on Dec 7 at 6:30.
A to H are to bring a salad, I to R, a side dish, and S to Z a dessert. Bring a gift, preferable home made to take part in the gift exchange. Each gift will be assigned a number. The distribution of gifts will be by a story as last year.

Gifts are also solicited for an auction.

Artistry in Wood
will be Feb 26 to 28 at the Holiday Inn as last year. Pre-registration will be $3.00, at the door the fee will be $5.00. The banquet will be on Saturday night and will cost $22.00 per person. Our club has been asked to supply two items for raffle and four items to be used as table pieces, one per table, to be given by lottery to a person at the table. More details later.

New Items at Woodcraft
Scott showed some new items. Paint pyramids that can be fastened down, A spray version of Brie Wax, A Shinto Japan saw rasp, essentially hacksaw blades mounted together to provide rapid removal of material, a set of brushes, nylon, brass  and stainless steel, and a set of three saw blades from Trend that sell for $165. He also announced a Black Friday sale.

Chance Gatfield won the gift card.

Election of Officers
Club officers for the next year were elected.

Mike Kingsley

Ron Lee
Vice President

Jack Keifer

George Ross

Show and Tell

Chance Gatfield showed a clock.
Jack Keifer showed a cutting board of cherry and maple.
Tracy Lee showed a chess board of maple and walnut designed to have the wood grain of the squares all going the same direction.

Norm Stanfield showed a dictionary table of cherry.

Dan Huffman showed a tongue drum box with marquetry, an art deco box and a tower box of walnut and zebra wood.

John Lee showed several boxes made of maple, ash, black walnut, maple burl and arborvitae. John will be giving a class on his box making techniques.

Jim McDonald showed a step-ladder chair and a miniature grandfather clock.

Bob Middleton showed a Mahogany table.

This was the annual show and competition so the items were judged and awarded ribbons. Norm Stanfield’s dictionary stand got a first place. Bob Middleton’s table got second. Tracy Lee’s chess board and Jack Keifer’s cutting board got third place ribbons. Dan Huffman’s boxes got honorable mention. If I have missed some awards, I apologize. It should be added that Dan Huffman’s Tongue Drum box was sold for $450 and now evidently has a home in Hawaii. Talent has its rewards!

As an afterthought and because I have room on the page I’ll include a picture of Gary Adams of the Shriners thanking the wood workers for the toys.


Will see you all at the Christmas party, Dec 7.

Since this is my last newsletter, I thank the club members for putting up with my efforts. It has been a learning experience but I am too old to learn more.

Ken Viste

Next meeting: December 7, 2010 - Christmas Party!