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November 2011 Meeting

November 2011

Started the month with the Pen Turning for the Troops on 5 Nov.


The meeting opened at 7:00 PM, 9 Nov. 2011. Four guests were introduced: John Baker, Pat Reed, CJ Harris, and Marty McSherry.

Michael Kingsley turned the meeting over to Steve Young concerning the pen turning for the troops. Steve related that a total of 1,268 pens were turned, and packaged for delivery. At one time 52 people were involved, 23 lathes in operation, and the balance performed the assembly and packaging. Steve mentioned that the wood was much better this year. To date over 9,500 pens have been turned in the last 8 years, and extends a big THANK YOU to all who helped.

Also a THANK YOU to Monte and staff for the coffee and donuts in the morning, and pizza and soft drinks for lunch.

The next item of business was the Artistry in Wood Show. Michael said that 3 items donated for the Artistry Banquet Auction would be ideal, and if more are donated, that is fine also. So far Dan Huffman has donated one of his boxes, and featured artist John Lee has donated a box. Michael would like to see a large piece such as a table or chair, etc. for the third item. Last year the auction brought in over $7,000.00. For the show, members who wish to display there crafts, can enter up to 3 items which the club will pay for. Example: If thirty members each enter 3 items, the club will pay for all 90 items. If you enter more than 3, you pay for the additional entry. There will also be a $50.00 prize for best of show, $25.00 for 2nd place, and $15.00 for 3rd place. The judging will be done by club members.

There was also discussion about the members being able to sell whatever they make at the show. You can sell your items off the show tables, but they can’t be removed until the show is over. The club is also looking into people being able to use their credit cards to make a purchase. Sort of like having your own store with items for sale. The show will be the last weekend of February, (Friday the 24th thru Sunday the 26th). Ron Lee could use help with the show, contact him if your available at 342-6782.

Next item was the toys for the Shriners. Michael still has plenty of car parts. Shriners will have a pick-up of toys sometime in January.

Election of Officers. Prior to opening up the floor for nominations of all officers, John Pickrell made a motion that all officers would serve a minimum of 3 years in their respective positions. It was immediately seconded, no discussion and passed with a show of hands all in a matter of seconds.

And lastly, the annual Christmas Party to be held with the members of the woodworkers and wood turners. The date is Tuesday, 6 Dec. 2011 at 6-6:30 PM at the Southminster Presbyterian Church, 6500 Overland, Boise. The Church is about 1/4 mile East of Woodcraft on the North side of Overland. Parking is in the back. The clubs will provide the meat, rolls, and beverage. If your last name begins between A thru M, bring a side dish, N thru Z, bring a dessert. There will be a handmade gift exchange, your wife/husband or significant other may also bring a gift. Please have it wrapped, or in a decorative bag with your name inside.


Jack Kiefer reported that we have $813.05. Early reminder, annual dues of $15.00 for 2012 are due in January. 


There were many items shown, and judged. The awards were given out faster than I could write, so if I missed someone I’m sorry.

Best of show went to John Lee for his folding chess board made from black walnut, silver leaf maple & teak along with a ribbon and $10.00. The best turning went to Michael Kingsley’s burl bowl. Very artistic. The 2nd place turning went to Pat? A tall vase made with black walnut and maple. Very nice indeed. Jim McDonald took home a ribbon for his rolling pin made from black walnut, ribbon mahogany, maple & one other wood which I missed. Dan Hoffman took home a ribbon for one of his 2 boxes entered. The one box with outlines of birds, was made from black walnut and maple, the other box was made using curly maple and black walnut. Well done Dan. Bob Middleton brought in a side table, and Joe Ziegler brought in a hexagon table. Sorry guys, didn’t get the wood and specifics used for your projects. Ron Lee had a book with pictures and all of his projects for this year including the front desk at Woodcraft. Ron also brought in one of his projects for a client. They were 4" turned wood balls for the top of newel posts. He showed the tool he made and how to use it to make the balls. Honorable mention ribbons went to Chance Gatfield for his burl Puzzle Box, and to Jack Kiefer for his cutting board made from jarrah, hickory, american cherry, brazilian cherry, maple, and walnut. Wood place ribbons were made by Joe Ziegler with 1st place going to John Lee, 2nd place to Dan Huffman, and 3rd place going to Chance Gatfield.

Thought for the month: The smallest good deed is greater than the grandest intention.

Click on the link below to view pictures from this month's events...
November's Meeting Photos


Next meeting: February 8, 2012 at 7:00 PM - See you there!