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NOVEMBER 16, 2012

Wednesday November 14th was our Best of the Year club meeting.  Members brought their best project of the year, we identified a judge and ribbons were given.

Here are the full notes from the meeting:

The meeting was called to order by President Michael Kingsley at 7pm.

Nominations for officers..  Dan Kolsky motioned to maintain the current positions and Ron Lee seconded.  It passed unanimously.

A short conversation of about the Artistry in Wood Show occurred (coming in Feb).  Five items are needed for an auction and Ron Lee suggests making something nice.  Also, everyone selling items are responsible for their own sales tax.  Volunteers for raffle and ticket tables are needed.  Check in with Ron Lee.

The Toys for Shriners will be before the Artistry in Wood Show.  The toys should be delivered in the February meeting.  We are already down to our last box of 1,000 wheels - we originally had 10,000.  Be sure to get in touch with Ron if you would like to participate in the groups who are making the toys together.

This last month we did the "Turning for the Troops" event.  1327 pens were turned with 27 lathes.  The quality was great.  Jack was in charge of assembly and he said that 3 arbor presses were in action.  By lunch time the assembly had caught up and they were waiting for lathes.  We were done before 4pm which was excellent execution relative to past years.  We have now done over 10,000 pens over the last 8-10 years!  A lot of these pens go to the active-duty troops but they also are distributed to the wounded.

We had two new members, Brian Bass and Dean Shepard.  Dean moved from Salt Lake City and he as a few tools in a small shop.  His specialty is engraving - like wildlife on knives and on other items.  He would like to learn how to do turning and dove tailing.

Our Christmas Party will be on the 2nd Tuesday of December (Dec 11th, 5:30p - dinner is at 6pm).  It will be at the Presbyterian Church up the road from Woodcraft.  If your last name starts with 'M' or less then bring a side dish, if after 'M' then bring a desert.  Also, bring a hand-made gift and you can participate in the exchange. Please don't bring a 'white elephant' gift.

Steve Merrill from Woodcraft joined us and showed a few items that are new to the store:

* EZ Tool came out with a small-handled turning tool
* Bessey came out with a duffle style bag that has clamps in it. ($109)
* Smart Vise has an easy way to add a vise to an existing table ($129)
* Woodpecker - Fence for your drill press
* Wood River has a new portable joiner knife adjustment set ($30)
* Lithium 12 volt hand held drill
* Basic tool rack
* Pen press by Wood River ($89.99)
Everything Jet or Powermatic is 15% off right now.  Black Friday special through the weekend after Thanksgiving.
There will be $220 lathe available - variable speed capable.

Next was our raffle.  We gave away 3 tape measures, 3 $15 gift certificates and 3 bundles of sandpaper.

Best of the year awards.

Only 1st and 2nd place ribbons were given.  The criteria was difficulty, craftsmanship and finish.

Next we went around the room to have people describe their projects:

Scott describe the George Nakashima Chair:

* Has only two legs

* It was designed from a few photographs that were mostly isometric

* The spindles are bent laminations from 3-pieces of cherry

* The rest of the chair was made from a local catalpa tree

Jim made a nice clock.  He has about 80 hours into it and he finished the cherry with a vanilla stain (which darkened it slightly).

Brian Bass brought in his box that made for the show last February.  It's made from Padauk and Walnut using a scroll saw and other tools.  The latch is held with a magnet.

Brian also did a fret pattern with a trout and a fly fisherman.

Other projects...

*  Oak and Walnut tabletop bookcase (not shown)
*  Also did a collection of coasters with bloodwood and maple

Small bank inspired by Dennis Walker - Art Deco style

An oak and walnut fly fishing net - handle is Purple Heart and zebra heart - dozen coats of spar varnish

Mallets from sapelle - boiled linseed oil (not shown)
Mallet from Purple Heart and oak - 26 oz. - filled with split-shot sinkers (not shown)

Inlay and marquetry box by Dan Huffman - the hinges are wooden with an aluminum rod

Electric Guitar - back made from cherry with dye.  Several coats. First coat was black and sanded off.  Additional coats were red and they were added until it became dark enough. Back of the neck was done in lavender oil.  About $800 of electronics and $200 of wood.

An "America" sign for a yacht based overseas.  It was repaired and refinished. (not shown)

Ron Lee showed pictures of some of his projects.  He made a pipe cabinet for someone who had stopped by in the store and commissioned him to do the work. Red Oak. (not shown)

Next Meeting:
Christmas Party! December 11, 2012