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February 11, 2009 Meeting

February 11, 2009

Vice President Bob Rudkin called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm

Treasurer Bob Middleton reported the balance of $227.88

Dues are being accepted, see Bob.

Idaho Artistry in Wood Show will be May 2-3 ‘-09 at Browns gallery. Items to be displayed must fit on a table so furniture is excluded. More about the show next time.

The Clock auction was rescheduled to next meeting so that a knowledgeable individual can examine the works to see that all parts are included or available and to give an authoritative judgement as to the value.


Show and Tell:

Norm Busse showed a bench made of ash and elm from the Capitol trees project.

Michael Kinglsey showed a bowl.

Bob Middleton showed a box joint jig.


My first Project:

Bob Johnson described a plywood box he made of ¾ inch plywood.

Steve Young described an end table also made of ¾ inch plywood that traveled with them to several military bases.



Wayne Richey told how he made 80 segmented walking sticks. He used 44 different woods and gallons of glue. The way he cut the strips and assembled them resulted in no two being identical. He shaped the sticks with round-over bit in the router. For sanding he made a lathe from an inexpensive drill press and a steel tube long enough to hold the 5 ft long sticks.


NEXT MEETING  - MARCH 11, 2009 7:00 PM

The program for the March meeting will be dust collection.

John Lee will tell why, from a medical viewpoint, we have to be concerned about dust collection. Bob Middleton and Steve Young will describe their systems of dust collection.

See you at the meeting, Ken Viste Sec.

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