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February Meeting

February 9, 2011

The meeting opened at 7:00 PM, 9 Feb. 2011.  Three guest were introduced, Norm Brusse’s Grandson Logan, Dan Kolsky, and Larry Houchens. Dan and Larry also signed up as new members.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, 9 March at 7:00 PM.


Mike Kingsley brought in some more wheels, axles, caps, dowels, and wood barrels to make toys.  Make plans for what you want to build for this year, and get parts.  Passed out plans that were down loaded for a Heart Box, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Rogue’s gallery pictures were passed out.  Mike suggested members do a woodworking bio on themselves and use the information for other members for possible help or questions on a project.  Mike asked members to think of a demonstration they would like to put on. Also wanted members to sign-up for the Artistry In Wood Show.  Mike also mentioned that John Lee had done some research on Woodcraft.  The original Woodcraft store was a factory store before being acquired by Monte. Since Monte took over the store has grown and can only get bigger.


Steve Young reported that the Boise Woodcraft Store was No. 1 in the Nation at participating Woodcraft stores for turning pens for the troops. Steve also mentioned that Molly Winton will be putting on demonstrations, and classes in turning hollow forms, carvings, and wood burning.

The library project is moving ahead. No room for magazines.  Would like to have CD’s on technical discussions, plans, or both. Bring CD’s to the next meeting to donate or lend to the club for a year. Doc Lee has the capability of burning VHS to DVD.  Also mentioned was Fine Wood Working Magazine has a membership list of clubs across the U.S.

Ron Lee reported that the Shriner’s Hospital in Portland got there final delivery of toys.  Apparently there wasn’t enough room to transport all the toys on the first trip.


Jack Kiefer reported as of 9 Feb. the club had $605.05.


Gift card won by Mike Dougherty. 2nd drawing was for a book, won by Dennis & Carol Walker. 3rd drawing for pen blanks was won by Mike Dougherty. 4th drawing for a book was won by Dennis & Carol Walker. (At this point you could hear a little grumbling about stirring up the tickets) and the 5th drawing for pen blanks was won by Don Blasdell.


John Pickrell showed some of his airplanes, a small bowl, and Boise State apron.  Ken Viste showed his bandsaw box in the shape of Idaho.  Doc Lee showed a maple box with a wood burning design.  Doc Lee always gets a great finish on his boxes.

Doc’s 3 way mix is: equal parts turpentine, high gloss spar varnish, and boiled linseed oil.  Use about 1 to 2 cc’s of japan drier per oz.  of mixture.  Only mix what you need because the drier will, over time, gel or harden this mix.  Dennis Walker showed a small wood box safe using the door from a post office lock box.  


Ron Lee put on a demonstration using dowel and tenon centers.  For doweling, the centers will make correctly positioned marks for precise drilling of your second set of holes on an opposing piece of wood. Also showed how to use dowels in conjunction with pocket screws.  Also showed how using a short dowel rod, and turning a ball on each end, then encasing each ball with wood attached to a toy train, it allows for full movement up and down and sideways for a row of train cars to follow. Pretty ingenious.


2 days only –Friday & Saturday March 4 & 5. Some exclusions.

Thought for the Month: Getting something done is an accomplish-ment; getting something done right is an achievement.

Next meeting: March 9, 2011