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FEBRUARY 13, 2013

Idaho Artistry in Wood is this coming weekend (Feb 22nd-24th).  Get involved!

Dear Member,

At 7pm on Feb 13th the club met, called to order by President Micheal Kingsley.

IAW - Idaho Artistry in Wood. Feb 22-24th.

At the time of the meeting, not very many registrations have been turned in yet.  Micheal brought some forms for members to fill out during the meeting.  On Friday the 22nd Micheal needs 3 people to help.  Also need volunteers for the raffle table.

Our club is signed up to cover 1-3pm on Saturday for ticket taking and 3-5pm on Sunday.  Also, it would be very helpful to have someone to walk the floor periodically throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday the 23rd at 3pm there will be presentations from representatives of the various clubs.

We also need 5 items from each club for the auction and we need 6 or more items for the raffle.  Bring your items in on Friday and we will stash it until the auction and raffle on Saturday. So far we have 4 items for the auction.

Ron suggested that people bring more toys to the show to sell at the store booth. We can use the proceeds for buying wheels for next year.


We had a number of new attendees at the meeting.  We went around for intros (apologies if I didn't capture a name correctly):

Jim Wilson - 2nd time attending
Paul Pommeroy - 1st time attending
Dean Sheppard - Like engraving of gun stocks & mirrors.
Kelly Christianson - Cribbage boards.
Glenn Bocoba. Moved from San Diego and builds furniture.
Jeff Mandell.  Taking up woodworking as a hobby.  Just getting started.
John Ogglebee.  Visited a couple of times before.

Shriner's Toys:

We delivered 476 toys to the Shriners this time!  And we still have lots of 2" and 1" wheels left over as well as little people and barrels so folks can start building toys for next year.  Counting this year we have delivered almost 2,000 toys.  Thanks to all who participated!

Demo Committee:

Dan Kolsky graciously assumed the role of chairman of the Demo Committee.  He brought in some questionnaires to aid in the planning of future demos.  The questionnaire asked about what demos have been useful in the past or would members like to see.  Also what other activities might be good if we don't have a demo.

Cabinet committee:

Ron volunteered to head up the committee to replace our A/V cabinet.  He and Micheal are planning to get together to use SketchUp to create a plan.

Also, Woodshed Hardwoods is going out of business and is clearing out much of the wood they have left.  Be sure to contact them to see what they have:

Ron & Lois Hathorn
4585 N. Columbine St.
Boise, ID 83713

Report from the treasurer:

After the bills for this meeting we have $1076.82. With the $500 from the show we do slightly better than break even for the year (last year at this time we had around $900).

Show & Tell:

This was an interesting project where the handle is attached to the head with an extended dovetail.  The dovetail is soaked and inserted into the head when it is compressed and then it expands to fill the joint.

Brian Bass shared an inlay fly box made from Bubinga with lacewood inlay of a trout.  He sells these beautiful boxes through Idaho Angler.

I believe this inlay box was also done by Brian Bass.  It is a hummingbird and a flower.

Micheal shared this working coffee grinder that he made.  He mentioned that the box joints fit so tightly he was unable to pull it apart after a dry fit to add glue.  Now he uses it daily.

Steve Merrill share some new products from Woodcraft: 8" tote for tools, folding ruler, WoodRiver clamp down focusing light (LED). For the turner guys, a shopsmock.  Odies wood butter, wood oil, and a safer solvent.  He also mentioned that all power tools will be 10% off and Jet will be 15% off between now and the 2nd of March.


Dan Kolsky gave a demo of how to create splined mitered joints including a jig for hidden splines. It was a great demo.  He showed us a sled that he uses and we had a short discussion about alternative sleds that various members have created.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of Dan's sled but this is a picture of one I made this is very similar.  If you click on the image, it will take you to my site where there are free plans to create it.

Micheal also demonstrated his woodburner and let anyone give it a try.

Thanks all and we'll see you next month,