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February 12, 2014

Dear Member,

At 7pm on Feb 12th the club met, called to order by President Micheal Kingsley.


Old Business:

IAW - Idaho Artistry in Wood.  

Registration for show entries is still open and the club pays for the first 3 for each member. Call or email Micheal if you want to submit entries.

The silent auction will have a guitar Micheal is making with pickups and a case donated by local businesses.

The El Korah Shriners will be picking up the toys we make at the show at 2PM on Saturday. You can bring your wood toys to the show Saturday morning.

Volunteers are still needed, especially Sunday; contact Micheal.

Arrangements have been made for a judge for the woodworking entries.


New Business:

Micheal talked about tool demonstrations he has arranged for the Woodcraft staff to present at meetings.  Tonight will be bandsaws by Monte Eldfrick.

Raffle items for tonight are a taper jig donated by one of the members, some gold mother of pearl, more veneer and two Woodcraft $15 gift cards.

There will be a new raffle for admission to a $60 class of the winner's choosing at Woodcraft. One winner will be selected every two months. This raffle will be separate from the regular meeting raffles. Tickets will be $1 each and you can buy tickets at two consecutive meetings.


Treasurer's Report:

VP Dan Kolsky gave the treasurer's report in Jack Keifer's absence.  The major expenditure since the last meeting was $662.30 for wooden toy wheels.  Current balance in the treasury is $673.70.


Bandsaw Demo by Monte Eldfrick:

Using a Powermatic 14” bandsaw, Monte talked about the following topics:

    Setup & Adjustment
    Wheel planarity

    Guide adjustment
    Checking drift and adjusting the fence
    Rounding the blade back if necessary to help make cutting curves easier

Monte than resawed a short length of wood to demonstrate you can get accurate results with a sharp blade and a well-adjusted machine. Keeping the blade clean and lubed is important.

Monte also demonstrated a method of cutting a cabriole leg.


The raffle was held after the break.


Show and Tell:

Brian Bass showed a vase made by scrollsawing segments and then gluing them together and sanding. The segments are tapered so that one piece of wood can be used for multiple segments if the right taper based on wood thickness is used.

John Lee displayed a bandsawn box.

Butch Montgomery had a chip & dip tray and the template used to make it.  He talked about some learning experiences making the tray.




Joe Howard gave a slide show (using a computer and video projector actually) about a cabin he is building.  He showed photos and described the building process from excavation, pouring concrete, installing wiring and plumbing, etc.  The word cabin conjures up the image of a simple log cabin.  Joe's is definitely not rustic and he used some non-traditional building techniques.

The basement and first floor walls are concrete poured in foam block forms. The foam remains in place to provide insulation and plastic strips on the inside and outside provide anchorage for siding and drywall. Outside finish is concrete board siding. Any plumbing or wiring in the exterior walls is run in chases cut into the foam using various methods.  The roof uses Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS). Joe did a lot of the work himself.  As of meeting time, it still isn't finished, but is livable. Quite a project if I may say so.



Upcoming Events:

Idaho Artistry In Wood February 22 and 23 2014 at the Boise Hotel and Conference  Center, 3300 Vista Ave., Boise, Idaho.  Show hours on Saturday are 9 AM - 5 PM and on Sunday 10 AM - 4 PM.

Next meeting March 12, 7 PM, Woodcraft Boise.


Alan Hochhalter