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March 2010 Meeting

March 10, 2010

Ada County Wood Workers met at 7:00 at Woodcraft.

Treasurer Bob Middleton reported a balance of $598.13

Diane Williams in charge of Western Idaho Fair exhibits encouraged woodworkers to enter their works to help make a bigger and better display. She reminded us that judges will not necessarily be woodworkers so the judging will be more on artistic appeal rather than technical craftsmanship.

The Artistry in Wood show was a success financially and artistically with good attendance by public. More than 100 attended the banquet. Work for next year is already in the works. It will be chaired by Frank Lench of the Woodturners. Next year there will be more area for displays as the vendors and demonstrators will be in the lobby. An even better show is anticipated.


Joe Ziegler’s cubes in cubes made out of a single block of wood.

Norm Busse’s bench made from the Capitol woods, elm and ash.

Ken Viste’s Idaho jewelry box made of the Harrison oak from the Capitol woods project.

Scott showed a wood carvers vise that holds irregular objects. The vise or parts are available.

We encourage everyone to bring in show and tell items. They don’t have to be masterpieces. This is more about sharing than bragging. Those showing can benefit from comments and suggestions from more experienced wood workers and others who may have had similar problems and successes. The rest of us can benefit by ideas and processes that came from the project.


Dave Evanich discussed finishing, particularly with woods that are prone to splotching. Proper pre-stain conditioner use will help as will using water based stains which penetrate more uniformly. He showed an “antique” table that they finished and discussed the problems they encountered and solutions adopted.

The next meeting is April 14. Mike Kingsley will discuss Toys for Tots and tell us how we can participate. Dan Huffman will show how he does his boxes. We hope there will be many show and tell items.