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March Meeting

March 9, 2011

The meeting opened at 7:00 PM at Woodcraft, Boise.
The next meeting will be Wednesday, April 13th, 2011 at 7:00 PM.


Mike Kingsley passed around DVD’s of the Artistry in Wood Show. Mike’s wife Marleen took all of the pictures.  I thought I had seen everything more than once at the show, but after seeing the DVD I realized I  missed a lot.  Well done and THANK YOU MARLEEN.   Mike asked John Lee to give a run down of awards at the artistry show.  There were a total of 68 entries. 37 -  3rd place ribbons, 17 - 2nd place ribbons, 5 - 1st place ribbons, and 9 honorable mention ribbons awarded.  Judging was for advanced, inter-mediate, and novice.  John Lee suggested that next year we should try to enter bowls not turned by lathe, but carved, more games, models, lamps, and clocks.


Jack Keifer reported that after Wednesday nights receipts were deposited the club treasury has $ 725.00 and no outstanding receipts.


Jack Keifer introduced Bill Sawyer who will join next month. Two new members: Mark Spiegel from Meridian, and Michael McCullough from Boise.


Mike McCullough came up with some ideas for displaying our work.  Take pictures of your projects as they progress through different stages.  Set the pictures up for a link online to show projects to friends, etc. using computer photography.  This would also be a good way of putting items on our website.

Don’t forget the rogue’s gallery if you’ve missed it.  All that’s needed is a picture, name, phone, and email address.

Jack Keifer talked about the library project.  A check sheet was passed around for review by the members.  Talked about donated DVD’s or maybe DVD’s that members would loan to the club for a six month period.  Have a check out and return of library items on meeting nights only.  Have an inventory of 2 or 3 DVD’s of the same subject matter.  Also talked about getting a DVD of Fine Woodworking articles from the first issue to date. Steve Young volunteered to open and close the library on meeting nights.  Think about a system to keep track of library items. Possibly use a card system like libraries of the past?

Mike Kingsley brought in hundreds of wheels, axles, barrels, and people for the toy projects.

Still in need of members to put on demonstrations.  We’re running shy on ideas.


Bob Middleton won the $ 15.00 gift card.   A model airplane kit was the second item, and each time someone won it, they returned it for another draw.  Chance Gatfield ultimately won the model plane.


Logan Gilbert (Norm’s Grandson) showed off a fishing boat he made.  Well done, Gilbert.

Bill Sawyer talked about a replica vanity from the Ming Dynasty that he made. Couldn’t bring it because it’s in use at his home.  The vanity was made from Poplar, painted red, then used a black wipe to give it an antique effect.  The wash bowl was bright red with gold dragons.

John Lee brought in a tapered walnut box with finger joints.  The box will be used to hold envelopes.  The box is made from one piece of wood 5/8" thick, and then tapers the sides by sawing and sanding the sides up to the top to 1/4" thickness. He used interior supports for the lid, and put on 4 coats of his special mix. When it’s dry he sands with 600 and finishes with treewax.  He figured he had about 10 hours of labor for this project.  A very nice piece of workmanship.  John also talked about his method of drying wood, especially walnut.  He’s able to dry 4,000 bf at a time and the method he uses with his kiln leaves the wood with more of it’s natural color.

Steve Young showed a small 12 volt compact drill and a power driver.  Lots of power, speed, good balance, and a guide light.  Made by Porter Cable.  Steve then talked about Molly Winton’s embellishments using wood burning tools, using different systems and designing your own tips.  With the Micro Pro Master and using nichrome wire, you can make the shapes you want before heating the wire and applying it to your work. Once the wire has been heated, it becomes brittle, however you can re-heat it and it will soften.

Ken Viste showed one of his many swivel top bandsaw boxes that are in the shape of Idaho.  Ken donated 11 boxes at the Artistry in Wood Show to be put up for auction.  The auction on his boxes brought in over $ 200.00.  Ken then talked about the process of making the boxes by first cutting off the back, drilling a hole for a pivot point for the lid, taking out the inside,  gluing it all together, and cutting to shape. He uses either a wipe on poly or shellac for his finish.  He made his first box from lacewood and it took him 3 days. Since then he makes his boxes from the Capitol wood.

Max Black asked Ken if he would make 10 boxes to be sold at the Capitol Gift Store.  Since then Ken has made over 100 boxes for the Gift Shop. They are a big seller.  Keep up the good work Ken.

Dennis Walker talked about tools that are currently being made for the visually impaired.  He bought a Carve Right that has a device that you can plug into all sorts of tools that tell you what the settings are.  Carol does the computer stuff to set up the Carve Right for there projects, and Dennis does the machining.   Not a bad idea, someone is thinking out of the box.


Scott showed some new items.  A crank neck chisel set for blind dadoes.
A set of Wood River blunt chisels.  Power tool vacuum hose. A glue made by Briwax for gluing up loose rungs, stretchers, legs, etc.  The glue swells and locks the joints tight.

Scott asked the members to be on the lookout for any full length floor model drill presses with a crank up table.  He’s not interested in the upper part of the press.  Lennie at Woodcraft would like to use these for wood carving.  Keep your eyes open at yard sales or swap meets.

Royal Family Kids Camp

A wonderful opportunity for our club to support the community has been offered. Donations of turned items are being accepted for an auction for the Black and White Ball, which benefits the Royal Family Kids Camp. All of the money raised from the auction will go to sponsor an abused child for a week long camp in Valley County.

Thought for the Month: Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it.  Autograph your work with excellence.


Toy Boat made by Logan Gilbert


Miniature lidded boxes by Joseph Ziegler.  Part of a dime is barely visible in the lower right picture to give you an idea of their size.  Sorry for the flash back.



Walnut Envelope Box with finger joints, and tapered sides made by John Lee.

Next meeting: April 13, 2011