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MARCH 13, 2013

Read the recap of the Idaho Artistry in Wood show.  Also, get some wisdom from Jack on drill presses.

Dear Member,

Before I share the notes from this month's meeting let me remind you to visit our Facebook page.  You can find it here:  http://www.facebook.com/AdaCountyWoodWorkers.  You will find some nice pictures from the Idaho Artistry in Wood show. And, of course, visit our regular website here.  You will find many great pictures there as well.

This month's meeting was held on March 13th.  Micheal called the meeting to order at 7:03pm.

We had a number of new folks in attendance and I didn't capture all of the introductions but several of them mentioned they had attended the show in February, learned about the club and decided to stop by:

* Peter Leech - in Boise for 3 years loves woodworking.  Has build dresser and chest of drawers from Cherry.  Doing a wall-to-wall cabinets, shelves, nooks, etc. now.
* Brian Schneider - Been woodworking a couple of years.  Working on a china cabinet.  Saw the show and decided to stop by.

Ron gave an update of how the sales booth did this year.  It was a banner year.  Last year we had 82 items for sale and this year it was 200.  We made $70 in commissions which was 3 times as much as last year.

There were about 3,500 people that attended the show in total over something like 2,400 from last year.

We have not yet received our portion of the funds from the show but Jack says our club account had $945 just before this meeting.  This is good, our balance is just about the same as the same time a year ago.

Dan reported on the demo committee.  As you recall he surveyed members in person and through email about what they would like to see in the way of demos in future meetings.  He reported on his findings:

The #1 answer was jigs - making and using - it was the overwhelming favorite for demos.
#2 was using hand tools particularly hand planes.  Bob is going to do a demo on hand planes next month.  The following month will be doing string inlays with another Bob.

In show and tell, Floyd showed a cope and stick frames jig made from metal.

Monte showed some items new to Woodcraft:

18" Powermatic.  Keyless chuck.  Variable speed.
$2 folding rule and a 6' version
flexible light $49.99.  Magnetic A/C & DC.
Shop light with leds - $89 for 6 of them.
Monte also mentioned that Rob Cosman is coming to Boise at the end of April.  He plans to do a 1-day hand plane fundamentals plus a 1-day class on hand cut dovetails.  Monte showed some hand-cut dovetails that he did after Rob Cosman's instruction.  Not bad at all!

In May there will be a new CNC club that will start meeting here. May 16. (Third Thursday)

We did our raffle and gave away some thin-kerf Irwin table saw blades, Woodcraft gift certificates among other things.

Jack Keifer did a great presentation on drill presses.

He recommended getting your drill bits sharpened even if they are new and he said he uses a place in Garden City called Dave's Pelouse or just Pelouse (not sure I got this name right).  The point should be 59 degrees on the side.

Jack said that it is very difficult to sharpen brad point bits.  Many people just use a bit until it is done and buy another.

He said the factors that go into the drill speed are:

* hardness of the material
* size of the bit
* how sharp is your tool

Start with a slow speed and work your way up.  He hardly ever exceeds 2000 rpms.  Usually Jack runs his drill between 1500-1700 rpms.  One or two fingers on the drill arm is all you need for pres.  It also helps to start the hole with an awl so there is no drift.

If the material is difficult and the chips are not curling and coming out of the hole then be sure to back off the drill occasionally to clear the waste.

Jack also showed a variety of jigs for use with the drill press.  A crosswise vise with two axis of movement is very handy.  He recommends replacing jaws with wood (or adding wood.

One hint that stuck in my mind was to put your stop block on the left side when using a fence so the rotation of the drill pushes the piece against the fence instead of toward you.  Be sure to get your table square when it matters.  You can use a square or a guage (see pic) or a digital meter.

When you are using a drum sander bit then be sure to run the drill as fast as it goes.  Jack runs his at 3600 rpm.

Thanks all and we'll see you next month,