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March 12, 2014

Dear Member,

At 7pm on March 12th,  the club met, called to order by President Micheal Kingsley.


Old Business


Micheal went over the regular and Woodcraft class raffles and how they work. The Woodcraft $60 class raffle is separate from the regular raffle and runs for two months. You can buy tickets both months and don't need to be present to win.  (Make sure you put your name on the tickets!) Tickets for the next class raffle will be sold at the April and May meetings.

IAW Show Report  

Micheal reported that attendance was good and income was about $3,000 better than last year. Raffle and silent auction income was up and costs were about the same. Club members submitted about 78 pieces. Brian Bass will be chairperson next year.

The club donated about 806 toys to the Shriners and Micheal thanked club members who made them. We will be making them again next year. The Shriners may be able to help with publicity to give us more visibility.

Ron Lee reported on the sales table.  There was less merchandise for sale than last year which raises the question of it's usefullness if members don't bring items to sell. There need to be more items to make it worthwhile. Ron suggested nice looking but inexpensive (less than about $35) items sell best. Total sales were about $800 with proceeds to the sellers. A few toys sold.


New Business

Website and Facebook Page

Michael asked if members were visiting the website and/or the facebook page.

For those who haven't visited them, the link to the web page is http://acwoodworkers.com/

The facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/AdaCountyWoodWorkers



Jim Olson


New Members

Von Sorenson


News and Info

Steve Young reported on a tool auction he was helping with on Saturday 3/14/14 and invited members.

Ron Lee talked about making donation boxes for the El Korah Shriners. He has some fir lumber that can be used and will set a date for a get-together at his shop to make them.


New at Woodcraft

Bench Mate Non Slip Pads
Kreg Router Table Insert for Triton Routers
Wixey Mini Digital Height Gauge
Woodpeckers Coping Sled
Jasper Circle Guide for Plunge Routers
Jasper Baseplate Adapter for Porter Cable Style Guide Bushings
Wood River 10 Piece Brass Router Bushing Set
Kreg Level-Loc Reducing Rings for Kreg Inserts
Whiteside Brass Height Gauges
Leigh R9 Plus Router Table & Bench Joinery System
Woodpeckers Insert Template (to make cutout for a router table insert)
JessEm Rout-R-Lift
Phenolic Stock for Router Table Inserts


Treasurer's Report

Jack Keifer reported the treasury balance at the start of the meeting was $757.70.



The regular raffle featured two $15 Woodcraft gift cards and a donated softback book.  The Woodcraft class raffle winner was Alan Hochhalter.




Show and Tell

Michael Kingsley had the only show & tell item. He talked about his acoustic guitar project, showed the guitar neck and talked about constructing it.



Ron Lee and Don Blasdell gave an extensive demonstration of router techniques.

Ron talked a bit about electric router history, starting with the Kelley Electric Machine Company router of 1905 which weighed 60 pounds and was marketed for routing grooves in stair stringers. Around 1912-15 R.L. Carter was selling one about half that weight much like what is available today.

Don talked about lock miter bits and had a sample to pass around, templates, bushing sets, using a router table and a bit with guide bushing for pattern routing and also showed his setup for trimming edge banding with some work-holding help from Ron.


Note they didn't have the router on when the photo was taken!

Ron talked about decorative panels and template guide bushings.

Don took over again and showed making some mortices for loose tenon joinery.

Ron then talked about use of a foot pedal at the router table. He reminded everyone to leave it unplugged when not in use. He talked about match jointing the edges of large pieces using a straight edge and cutting both pieces at the same time. He showed how to make wood chains using a set of templates and shared the “secret” for making a chain from the links.


He showed a jig and how it can be used to flatten pieces of wood and another jig for cross-routing dadoes.


Other topics discussed were round-over bits, routing free hand, cutting flutes and bit storage.

Ron and Don covered a lot of ground and there was probably at least one new thing for even the long-time router users in the audience.


Upcoming Events

Next meeting: April 9, 7PM, Woodcraft Boise.


2014 Officers

President – Micheal Kingsley
Vice President – Dan Kolsky
Treasurer – Jack Keifer
Secretary – Alan Hochhalter
Meeting Refreshments – Kelly Christensen


Alan Hochhalter, Secretary