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Minutes of the March 11, 2015 Meeting held at Woodcraft in Boise.
President Brian Bass called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM


New members




Kim Taylor, Museum Store Manager for the Idaho State Historical Museum


Treasurer's Report - Jack Keifer

Treasurer Jack Keifer reported the current balance in the treasury is $1038.75.



Kim Taylor from the Idaho State Historical Museum talked a little about the renovations and the wood the club salvaged from the old displays. She thanked Dan Blasdell for two benches he made from the wood and had a thank-you letter for him. She invited the club to present some demonstrations at the Museum Comes to Life event the last Saturday of September if we are interested. This might consist of demonstrations or displays of older (non-electric) ways of working wood. The museum would love to have smaller, not real expensive, items made from the salvaged wood to sell in the store. They would also like any photos of projects made from the wood, especially if for a worthy cause.


New at Woodcraft

Steve Merrill talked about the upcoming wedding of Monte’s son Jacob, in July. There is a picnic table contest for the wedding. Woodcraft will supply some wood and hardware, but you are welcome to use your own. Tables must seat 6 adults comfortably. Judging will be held. The grand prize is $300, second prize $200, and third prize $100. There will also be a barbecue. Some of the tables will be donated and Jacob and his wife will keep the grand prize winner. Steve had some flyers and a signup sheet. Parts should be available in a week or so.


Old Business:

Idaho Artistry in Wood

Micheal Kingsley reported there were 82 entries in the woodworking category. We will probably have about $1000 returned when the accounting is complete. Brian Bass said final numbers should be available next month.

Ron Lee reported that approximately 1700 toys were donated to the Shriners this year. There was some discussion about reducing the number of toys built next year.

The store had about $800 in sales. Five people sold items and Ron would like to have more members represented in the store. The club sold some extra toys and generated about $50 for the club.


New Business

Floyd Bird asked about presentations and demonstrations and volunteered to lead a committee to set them up. Members are needed to help Floyd with that effort. Get in touch with Floyd.

Next month’s demo will be on scrapers.



Regular raffle: three $15 Woodcraft gift cards, glue, a face shield and another book from Brian’s collection.

Class raffle: will be held next month.


Show & Tell

Ron Lee had a section out of a Mulberry tree and has some wood from one. He also showed a table he made for his wife to be used for sprouting seeds made from Sapele and African Mahogany.

Micheal Kingsley had what he called a “finger bowl” that was a turned bowl with “fingers” instead of feet.

Brian Bass showed a stein made from White Limba and Redheart, an inlaid box, and a repurposed mortising bit to which he added a wood handle for use as a cornering tool.



Kevin Johnson gave a presentation on canoe building.

The process starts with a strongback base and stations that make a form for the cross section shape of the canoe at various points along its length. In this case, it was about 18 feet long with 18 inches between stations. This was made of 2x6 and 2x4 lumber. If he made another one, he would add wheels so it could be moved around easier since it took about 3-400 hours of work over four months. Some hooks might make it possible to hang it out of the way if you have vertical room for that. The stations had painters tape along the edges to prevent glue from sticking to them.

Approximately 1 inch wide Western Red Cedar strips that were ripped from lumber purchased in 12-16 ft. lengths. That meant he had to use a scarf joint to make the longer pieces needed. This was done with a jig. All joints were in the middle 1/3rd which is the straightest so there is less bending stress on the joints. He made a long auxiliary table to do the resawing on the band saw.

Pieces were sanded to remove the saw marks. One edge has a cove and the other a bead so adjacent pieces interlock to a certain extent so you don’t get gaps like you would if the edges of the strips were 90 degrees to the face as the pieces are bent around the curved forms of the stations. As they are bent, which is in both directions near the ends, it gets difficult to hold the strips in place. Adjacent strips were glued with Titebond glue. Some builders fasten the strips to the stations with nails, which leaves lots of holes. Kevin used a dowel in the cove edge fastened with a screw to avoid this and used the minimum necessary. There is no keel or stem and stern post so the ends are overlapped in an alternating pattern at the ends. Kevin said he would probably steam the parts if building another one to make the bending easier. He showed a steam bender he made from drain pipe.

The wood strips were sanded smooth after forming which meant the final thickness ended up being somewhere between 1/8 and 3/16 inches. Trim was made from Leopard Wood and Lyptus which made sanding more difficult due to the hardness differences from the cedar body.

The wood strips end up being a core over which fiberglass is laid on the inside and outside. First, a layer of epoxy resin was put on the wood, then a layer of fiberglass fabric on the bias. An extra layer was used on the bottom and the ends on the outside. More resin was put over the fabric and a final coat once that dried.

The seats in Kevin’s canoe are fixed in place, but some people make sliding seats to make balancing the canoe easier. The caning was done with plastic strip cane.

A reference book used was Building a Strip Canoe by Gil Gilpatrick.



The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 PM.
Alan Hochhalter, Secretary


Upcoming Events:

Next meeting: 7:00 PM April 8, 2015 at Boise Woodcraft.


2015 Officers:

President – Brian Bass
Vice President – Scott Taylor

Treasurer – Jack Keifer
Secretary – Alan Hochhalter
Meeting Refreshments – Kelly Christensen