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April 2011 Meeting

April 13, 2011

The meeting opened at 7:00 PM at Woodcraft, Boise
The next meeting will be Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at 7:00 PM


Michael Kingsley tossed out a suggestion about member's interests in all types of woodwork, and what they would like to see at future meetings.  He would  also like members to write a short story of themselves, on what drew them into woodworking. Possibly putting these stories on our website.  Michael also handed out the latest issue of the Rogue’s Gallery.

If you need wheels, axles, hubs, people, etc. for toys, contact Michael ahead of time so he can bring them to the meeting.


Jack Keifer reported that the club treasury has $1,141.13.  Jack reported that the club received a $500.00 bonus due to the clubs participation in the Artistry in Wood Show.  He suggested that the members make/donate  more items for auction at the show as an additional fund raiser. We currently have 34 paid up members as of this date, with 10 good members still a little late.


Greg Duffy introduced himself as a retired chimney sweep, next was Dennis Flowers who is a member of the antique tool club which also meets at Woodcraft. Bill Sawyer of Boise, signed up as a new member.


Daryl Layton from the International Wood Collectors Society gave a presentation on this organization. The organization started in 1947.  They have a membership of 1,200 to 1,500 members all over the World, and most are crafts people.  There are approximately 10,000 different trees of all sizes in the World.  All samples of wood are of a standard size, 6 X 3 X ½ inch thick.  The IWCS sells sample kits.  Some exotic woods require the purchaser to obtain an import permit. He stated that the U.S. Forest Service in Wisconsin is very good at wood ID.  

There is also a book out “Guide to useful woods of the World” that explains were woods grow, sizes and what the wood is used for. Daryl also brought in some rolling pins that were turned from different woods.  He mentioned that Sumac is a pretty wood because it has so many crazy colors.  Membership is $30.00 per year and they have a bi-monthly publication “World of Wood".


Don Blaisdel won a 25' tape, Ken Viste won goggles, Dennis Walker won a carving knife from Woodcraft, Jerry Klein won a dowel quick and Bob Rudkin won the Woodcraft $15.00 gift card.


Vice President Ron Lee will replace John Pickrell as a member of the Artistry in Wood Show Committee.

Ken Viste brought up a problem at the Artistry Show dinner/auction.  Some people want to attend the auction, but not the dinner.  Maybe we’ll have and answer by next meeting.

Woodcraft is moving to a new location about 500' to the West, on the other side of Ace Hdw.  The new location is about 5,000 sq. ft. larger.  The shops and classrooms will be larger. There will be separate meeting rooms with TV, chairs, etc.

Michael Kingsley received a letter from Western Idaho Fairgrounds about a “Hobbycraft Show”.  Woodworkers will be doing the judging. Scheduled for late May or early June. Think about participating.

The cabinet competition for the new Woodcraft location is well underway as of this writing and the winners will probably be announced at our May meeting.


Ron Lee passed around pictures of a beautiful crib for his new grandson Paul Ronald Lee.  The crib was made of Knotty Alder.

Michael Kingsley brought in a Trent Bosch chuck mount used with his lathe.  He also showed how he used it to hold his maple natural form bowl.  In addition he showed a neat way to hold sandpaper using velcro and attaching it to whatever to get into those hard to get to places.

Joe Ziegler brought in a table top that he calls his “quilting in wood”. There are 24 inlays in each of 9 blocks for a total of 216.  Very Nice.

Gary Tock showed 8 hand made wood spoons. Definitely labor intensive, and very nice.

George Ross talked about the trials and tribulations of a copper roofed gazebo, and passed around pictures.

Bob Middleton brought in a round top table made of maple and walnut with bent legs.  The black band around the edge of the table top was black epoxy which took 4 days to fill, then cleaned up the edge with a router.  Wipe on urethane for the finish.

Rolling Pins by Daryl Layton

“Quilting in Wood” by Joe Ziegler


Bob Middleton's table made from Maple & Walnut with black epoxy


Michael Kingsley's jig, natural form bowl, and velcro wrapped sandpaper on clothespins as an organizer.

Thought for the Month:
Good is not good where better is expected.
Thomas Fuller.

Next meeting: May 11, 2011