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May 13, 2009 Meeting

7:00 pm on May 13, 2009 at Woodcraft

President John Pickrell opened the meeting and introduced two guests or new members?

Treasurer Bob Middleton reported a balance of $406.55 in club coffers.

Max Black reported on the Capitol tree project. More items are welcome but the time is running short because moving in will be in a few months. Wood is still available from the Harrison Oak planted in 1892 and ash and elm planted between 1887 and 1892. To recap, wood is available from these trees. A woodworker can get enough wood for a project to be donated and a like amount for the his own project.

The Artistry in Wood Show at Brown’s gallery was judged a success. Next year the plan is to have more space so that larger items can be shown.

Several of our members had projects including Norm Busse, some earrings, John Pickrell, boxes, Mike Kingsley, a guitar, a flute, some wood turnings and other items, Chance Gatfield, a clock, John Lee, bowls and platters, Ken Viste, a bandsaw box. I know I have missed some including many wood turners’ boxes, vases and plates.

George Ross won the drawing.

John Pickrell showed some blanket box hinges.

Mike Kingsley said his wife, Marleen, has volunteered to do a web page for the club. Her talent and generosity were welcomed.


New Products from Woodcraft

A Plunger that makes a Dremmel into a plunge router.
Grommets for cords on desks
An LED lamp for tight places.
Anti-rust liner for drawers or tool box.


Show and Tell

Warren Shepherd showed a picture of a cabinet made of red oak. He got his wood from Intermountain Wood Products at 306 Adkins Way, Meridian where he finds reasonable prices.


Chance Gatfield showed a turtle jigsaw puzzle he made with a scroll saw. His rocket is below with John’s boxes.


John Pickrell showed some “cigar” boxes.


The program was on wood bending.

Isaac Howard showed how he bent wood with heated water.


Mike Kingsley bends guitar pieces on a heated pipe. Doing it a little wrong can make a big “pop”

Wayne Richey showed his toboggan runner bent with steam.


John Pickrell also showed some bent wood boxes and I didn’t get a picture.

I’m not sure my attempt to include pictures is entirely successful. I didn’t seem to take the right shots.


The next meeting will be at 7:00 on June 10.

Bob Hughes will show how he made dovetails on his table saw for the drawers of his sideboard cabinet.

Scott Taylor will demo the inlay kit the store sells.

Bring show and tell items.

See you there.

Ken Viste