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May 2010 Meeting

May 12, 2010

Ada County Wood Workers met at 7:00 on May 12 at Woodcraft.

Treasurer Bob Middleton reported a balance of $685.

President Mike Kingsley led a discussion of a project of toys for the Shriner’s Hospital.  Sturdy wooden cars and trucks are prime considerations. Cars for small children should not have small parts that could come off, while older children would like more elaborate designs. George Ross related a communication from a California club that makes tractor-trailer for charities. The club prepares kits containing parts and plans.  He had a picture of the club with more than a hundred trucks. Floyd Bird had a good variety of cars, trucks as ideas to work from. Norm Brusse suggested making cutouts from 2 x 4 that would be easy to make and rugged. John Pickrell suggested sets of blocks. Anyone who has some plans of such items should bring them to the next meeting. We can then agree on what to make and get copies of plans.

These are some of the many items that Floyd had as possible ideas for the toy project.


Thanking Marleen

A suggestion was made that we give a certificate or plaque to Marleen Kingsley in recognition of her setting up and maintaining our website, http://acwoodworkers.com . She has done a great job!

Members are encouraged to send pictures of their projects to be included in the gallery of the website. Get pictures to Mike or email them to bluerocco@mkmk.com.

Show and Tell

John Pickrell showed a blanket or toy box of pine. It had hinges on the top.

Norm Brusse had a jewelry box of black walnut. It had hanging space for necklaces, ring holders and drawers. He finished it with Wipe on Poly.


Chance Gatfield had two race cars.

He also had a clock that he presented to John Pickrell as an exchange for a gift John had given him.  The face including the Boy Scout symbols was made with his grandfather, Mike’s CarveWright CNC Machine.
Chance researched and designed the face. The carving took three hours of machine time.


Bob Rudkin demonstrated setup and tune up of a band saw, including blade selection, blade tensioning and tracking as well as the cool blocks and thrust bearing adjustments. He then demonstrated the layout and cutting out of a band saw box.

At the next meeting, June 9, there will be more discussion of the toy project. Mike will be bringing some patterns for toys and suggests others do the same. Bob Middleton has suggested that we could use club funds to buy wheels for the toys. We’ll talk about that and the organization of the project.

Mike has suggested that the program this month should be a follow up of Bob’s demonstration of band saw techniques and band saw box making. Those who have made such boxes are encouraged to bring them and discuss techniques and what they learned from making the boxes.

Suggestions are welcomed for ideas for future programs and demonstrations including volunteers to give such demonstrations.

Show and Tell is always a highlight of the meeting so everyone is encouraged to show projects.

Next meeting will be at 7:00 pm on June 9, 2010.