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May 2011 Meeting

May 11, 2011

The meeting opened at 7:00 PM at Woodcraft, Boise
The next meeting will be Wednesday, June 8, 2011 at 7:00 PM


Micheal Kingsley opened the meeting and turned it over to Monte, the owner of Woodcraft.  Monte expects their move-in date at the new location to be on June 6th.  He next talked about the cabinets that were made by woodworkers from the different clubs, the majority of them being from our club.  He thanked all of those involved for the work they had done.  A total of 20 people signed up to make the cabinets.  A total of 15 cabinets were made. Ron Lee made two additional cabinets of the 13 that were displayed at the meeting.  Monte then took the members outside to show the 13 cabinets that were made, and the cabinets that were the prize winners.  There were 3 categories used for judging.  

1. Measurement accuracy.  2. Fit and Finish.  3. Design on the front of the cabinets.   Monte announced that first place went to Rich Smith along with a $200.00 woodcraft gift card, there was a tie for 2nd place between Jerry Wagner and Tracy Lee who each received a $150.00 gift card, and special recognition was won by Dennis Walker along with a $100.00 gift card.   The other participants who made cabinets were: Ron Lee, Dennis Meredith, Bill NcNew, Michael Kingsley, Bob Middleton, Don Blasdell, Steve Hammond, and Bob Evans. They each received a $25.00 woodcraft gift card.  Each cabinet will have a plaque with the craftsman’s  name put on the cabinet.


Mark your calendar for the 24th of May at 7:00 PM at Woodcraft. Clive Brooks from Sorby tools will be putting on a woodturning demo along with humorous comments during the presentation.  Attending is time well spent.

The club’s annual picnic will be in August.  No specific date set as of yet.

The wood toy’s being made for the Shriner’s Hospital is not holiday specific, so the date for pick-up has been changed to the month of January.

Next month Dave Bevis will be the guest speaker on how he makes gun carts.


Jack Keifer announced there was $1,139.04 in the club treasury.  Also announced, because of the extra funds, that 3 woodcraft gift cards will be in the drawing each month with the amounts to be $25.00, $15.00 and $10.00.


Jack Keifer, $25.00, Mark Spiegel, $15.00, and John Soares $10.00


Brian Tandrow showed a keyless chuck he purchased for $40.00 + s&h from VM Woodworking. Phone # 770-434-9080.  email is:
vmwoodworking1982@yahoo.com.  He found this on forums.woodnet.net.  Another woodworking resource.

Jerry Wagner past around pictures and talked about the basket weave effect he put on a refrigerator and pantry door.  He used the same weave on the cabinet project mentioned earlier.  He lays out diagonal lines and using a mallet and  8mm and 24mm chisel and using high and low cuts it gives the illusion of a weave.  If you get a slight nick, use a little water on the nick and swell the wood back to normal shape.  He said it takes him about 2 3/4 hrs. per sq. ft.

Bob Rudkin displayed a rocking horse he made for a fundraiser for the Children’s Miracle Network.  The body was made from  myrtle, the saddle and rocker is walnut, mane and tail is bloodwood, and the ears are leather.  The finish was spray shellac for a sealer, and poly acrylic for the finish.

Tracy Lee brought in a box of various species and sizes of wood free for the taking.

Monte showed some new products they are carrying at woodcraft.

A small pen light, a tripod light, a small knife on the leathermen style, bosch angle grinder, and a Freeman combination pin nailer and brad nailer with carry case.


Brian Bass from the Treasure Valley Scrollers showed how he makes sliding lid boxes with hidden latches  using rare earth magnets and stop pins.  He normally uses 1/8 or 1/4 inch diameter  magnets, which woodcraft carries.  To handle the magnets for placement he uses either bamboo or stainless steel tweezers.  Some of the boxes would be pretty tricky to get into if you didn’t know the trick.

Thought for the month:

Be grateful for luck, but don't depend on it.


Trailer load of cabinets:

Rich Smith - 1st Place:

2nd Place Tie – Jerry Wagner  &  Tracy Lee

Jerry Wagner's

Tracy Lee's

Dennis Walker Cabinet:

Guest Speaker, Brian Bass:

Bob Rudkin, Rocking Horse


Next meeting: June 8, 2011