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May 2012 Meeting

May 9, 2012

Opened at 7:00 PM
The next meeting is June 13th, at 7:00 PM

Presidents Message

Michael Kingsley opened the meeting by showing slabs of Walnut and Maple from trees rescued and milled by club members last summer. These are to be raffled later in the meeting. 

Michael presented a check for $500 from Idaho Artistry in Wood. The money is our share of the proceeds of the show. The show attendance was up from previous years and credit is given mainly to word of mouth promotion.  The date for next years show has been set for Feb 22-24 at the same location.

The updated Rouges gallery is still in progress and hopefully will be available soon.

A sign up sheet for demonstrations or presentations was circulated. Members are encouraged to share their knowledge and skills with the group.

Members with items for sale are encouraged to forward the information to Michael for posting in the classified section on our website. http://acwoodworkers.com

The passing of former member Floyd Oliver "Pat" Young on May 7th was noted.


Brian Reagan, Bill Lee

Treasurer's Report

Jack Keifer reported the club has a balance of $1146.21 as of May 9th.

New Business

Michael brought in boxes of wheels and plans for building toys for our annual donation to the Shriners. We are out of axels and will be ordering more soon. Any wooden toys will be accepted; the only requirement is that they are bare wood without finish.

After some discussion the summer picnic has been tentatively scheduled for Aug 11th at Ron Lee's home. Inquires will be made to the Woodturners club to see if they want to share the event.  Goodwood will be the source of meat and side dishes will be potluck. Update: The Woodturners have agreed to a joint picnic.

Show and Tell

Bob Rudkin presented “A Horse named Steve”, a rocking horse he built with Scott Taylor This is Bob's 10th rocking horse and it is to be raffled off at the Credit Union League luncheon with the proceeds going to the Children's Miracle Network. The horse is made of Mahogany, Curly Ambrosia Maple and Walnut. The Saddle is hand carved from a block of Walnut along with other hand carved details. Bob showed some of the fine points of construction such as dowels placed in the rockers to strengthen them. He and Scott are working on horse 11 made from Ambrosia Maple and a Wenge horse is in the near future.


Winners of $15 Woodcraft gift cards were. Norm Brusse, Dan Kolsky and Bill Sawyer.

Winners of slabs of either Walnut or Maple were Jack Keifer, Ron Lee (twice), Jerry Clark, John Olden and Bob Johnson


Scott Taylor gave a demonstration on using a Vacuum bag to apply veneer. Scott showed a small kit that included a re-sealable  vacuum bag with a valve, a breather mesh tube and hand vacuum pump. The process involves apply glue to the veneer and substrate, positioning the veneer on the substrate. Then the sandwich is slid into the breather mesh tube and placed in the vacuum bag. The bag is sealed and the air is evacuated via the vacuum pump.

Some key points that Scott brought up are:

The breather mesh is used to help distribute the pressure evenly and keep glue from getting on the vacuum bag.

Any glue will work, but longer open time is helpful. There are specialty veneer glues available.

The use of Veneer conditioner helps soften and smooth out the veneer resulting in a smoother lamination.

It is recommended that with thin substrates both sides be veneered to help prevent warping. It was brought up by other members that there are situations when veneering both sides is not necessary.

The vacuum press kit that Scott demonstrated is available at http://www.roarockit.com/tap.php?id=13

Woodcraft sells a larger kit that has an electric vacuum pump. They also carry veneer and supplies as well.

Thought for the month:
“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.” Truman Capote

Next meeting: June 13, 2012 at 7:00 PM - See you there!