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May, 2013

Bob Hughes gave a very enlightening stringing demo plus new, more comfortable chairs are coming.

Dear Member,

Micheal Kingsley, our esteemed president, called our May meeting to order promptly at 7pm on May 8th.

Of course one of the first things we do is to pass out the raffle tickets for our monthly raffle.  Micheal quietly snuck in a new bowl that he turned for the tickets.


New people:

Robert - Makes Mission Furniture
Ron Stratton - Just starting in woodworking - wants to learn
Phil Nelson - Turning wood for a few years but still beginning.  Will talk about the CNC club later in the meeting.

Jack gave the treasurer's report.  The $750 check from the Artistry in Wood was deposited this last month and we now have $1,938.84 in the bank (prior to the meeting). 

Our library of videos - Find one you like and borrow it.

It appears that we are not going to make a new cabinet because the Wood Turners own the current one and have decided they are happy with it.  

Our current chairs in the back of Woodcraft need to be replaced.  Frank Lench has picked out new chairs that will cost each club $222.60 to buy 32 chairs.  These chairs will hold 500 lbs and, even though they fold up, will take more space than the existing chairs.  So Monte has asked that we remove the cabinet to make space.

We voted to approve the new chairs.  They are from Costco and come with rolling stands.

Micheal brought in a number of toy plans so people can get started anytime to make toys for the Shriners.  We contribute toys every February so now is a good time to get a head start.  We also have lots of parts and pieces that Micheal brings to each meeting (wheels, people, axles, etc.).

Micheal purchased a projector for his classes and has a setup to show slide shows.  So take pictures of your shops and your projects and bring them in and we will put together a slideshow.

New classes starting at CWI on AutoCAD, SketchUp and Revit.  

Phil Nelson had asked Monte about starting a CNC user's group and he ended up being president of the new CNC club.  The first meeting will be on May 16th at 7pm.  In the first meeting Monte will demo his Laguna CNC machine.

Phil Nelson - President of the new CNC club

Our sponsor, Woodcraft - Steve Merrill, shows off some new Woodcraft products:

Casting Kit for making your own molds and casting resin.  You could use this to make your own artistic pen blanks.  Now have extension cords.  A digital angle guage.  Sticks with sand paper on the edges.  Corner clamp.  A guided sharpening system.  Newwave gold packs of sandpaper.  Kreg came out with a new router plate with inserts.  A new pressurized stabilizing tank for stabilizing small pieces of wood like pen blanks or knife parts (the pump and everything costs about $375).

Bob Hughes shares a demo on string inlays as our feature presentation.

Here is Bob showing his work.

You can see the lengthwise inlay on the right of this piece and around the rectangular top of the leg.

A Dremel tool mounted for easy lengthwise inlays.  It is a StewMac base.  It has a 1/32" diameter bit.

There are several standard thicknesses for stringing.  Freud makes a 1/16" router bit that you can use.

Bob says the process is challenging.  You run into a lot of problems but basically you cut the groves, glue in the strings and level it to the surface.

He cuts his strings with the table saw between the blade and fence and makes them 0.040" thick.  

Once you have a thin sheet you can cut strings from it using a tool which is available from Lee Valley or Lie Nielsen.  He didn't use this approach though.  He used the table saw and he had a long thin board with double-sided table to hold down the sheet.  You can use a Lie Nielsen thickness guage to run the results through to make sure they are the correct size.

Make the grooves a little more than 1/16" deep and you can make it with a single pass.

Lie-Nielsen makes a radius cutter that works like a protractor.  You pivot on a point and make the arc with the saw-like blade.

Bob made his arcs with a 3/8" piece of ply with a hole cut in it.  He then used this hole as a template with the dremel, base and 1/32" bit.  If you make a template you probably don't want it thicker than 3/8" because the bit will become too flimsy if extended further.

You also have to bend the string to put it in a curved groove.  He put a dowel in the oven at 325 degrees for a while and then sprayed water on the string and slowly bent the string around the dowel - be sure to wear a glove.

He also used a variety of different gouges to make the peddles.  He also uses a syringe with a curved tip to put glue in the grooves.  Bob used Titebond 3.

Here are some resources that Bob put together to help you get started...

Thanks all and we'll see you next month,