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June 2010 Meeting

June 9, 2010

AACWW met at Woodcraft at 7:00pm

Treasurer Bob Middleton reported the account balance of 705.97.

Bob Ancin won the drawing for the gift certificate.

Bob Rudkin presented Marleen Kingsley with a plaque in recognition of her efforts in setting up and maintaining our website,  http://acwoodworkers.com.



The topic of discussion was the project of toys for the Shriner’s childrens hospital. Making sturdy toys suitable for children of all ages is a club project. Alfred Howell, Jim McDonald, Norm Brusse, George Ross, Dan Huffman  and Russ Bird showed examples of some ideas.  Cars, trucks, tractors, a boat, and puzzles are some of the many ideas.


Alfred and Jim McDonald showed templates their toys. Mike printed full sized plans of their toys.

Show and Tell

In addition to the toys John Pickrell showed a jewelry box of walnut.


Woodcraft Minutes

Scott showed some new items from Woodcraft.

A power tool switch
Magnetic clamp for dust collector
Micro bolt extractor
A power switch cutoff that will prevent a tool from restarting when power is restored after a power interruption, such as circuit breaker trip or short term outage.
General Finishes – An outdoor stain that is UV and mildew resistant

Presidents Message

I would like everyone to know that Alfred has brought three trailer loads of scrap wood from Western Cabinets to my place and anyone is welcome to comb through the piles and find what they want to make toys etc. from it. It is located at the Log Cabin on Bott Lane, under the carport and a blue tarp. Stop by any time and pick it up, open to the public! It is easy to find. 4301 Bott Lane, you can see it from the road, and there is a circle drive to drive through. There are some plastic bags that Alfred brought for the pieces too small to use. If you come by to get some wood, please put some scrap in the bags. We'll be giving that away to anyone this winter that needs firewood.

Bob Middleton has ordered the wheels and said they will be here for the meeting. Steve Young is bringing some and I hope to have some that Alfred contributed. We will be giving them out to anyone that needs them.

The picnic is in August. We will be having it here at my house in the back yard, like we did last year. (4301 Bott Lane) I spoke to Max Black's wife and she said they could bring the main dish like they did last year. She also said that we should probably keep the picnic date the same as the regular meeting because people are more likely to have weekend plans. I also just called Ron Lee and asked him to bring his Show Tents for some more shade, We have a LOT of grass in the back and it would be nice to have a tent or two to sit under. Also, we need everyone to bring a chair, I have all the tables we need, but seating is something we do need. I only have 17 chairs. A-M should bring a side dish and N-Z a dessert. Parking is in the field next to the house. Drive down Kingsley Court and you will be directed to it with signs.

Next Meeting , July 14

We will continue discussion of the Toys for Shriners project. Share any examples you have made.  Mike has suggested that we feature jigs. Bring in jigs you have made for any project with some emphasis on those used in making toys. A highlight of any meeting is the show and tell. Bring what you have to share.