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June 2011 Meeting

June 8, 2011

The meeting opened at 7:00 PM at Woodcraft's new location.
The next meeting will be Wednesday, July 13, 2011 at 7:00 PM


Michael Kingsley welcomed the return of past members.
Set the August 10th meeting date for the picnic at his home.
Would like members to write about what they excel at in woodworking and have it put into the rogue’s gallery.
Also mentioned that the toy pick-up by the Shriner’s could be in January as this project is not date sensitive.


Michael Kingsley said the Ada County Wood Workers will now head up the “Artistry in Wood Show”.  He would like us to focus on what should go into the show.  Thought that demonstrations, jigs, tools, various uses of the router, biscuit joints, and joinery in general, etc. would make the show interesting. The person with the most involvement in the artistry show is the Vice President, Ron Lee.  Steve Young suggested we should come up with a theme for the show.  Should the club go to an outside individual and pay, or find a local artisan?  The show is currently scheduled for the last weekend in February, Friday thru Sunday, 24-26 Feb. 2012.

Max Black took the floor and said the Capitol Gift Shop currently has 78 vendors.  Most of the items of interest are made from the salvaged Capitol trees.  He mentioned that the bandsaw box in the shape of Idaho which are made by Ken Viste is a big seller, also gavels, pens, and jewelry boxes.  This is a break even endeavor for the gift store.  Max said that if members would like to make something for the gift store, that there is still Ash and Elm available.  Max also mentioned that he is on a volunteer committee concerning trees that will be cut down at Bishop Kelley High School, and re-sawn for projects.  Stick drying turned out to be the best for the trees from the Capitol, and suggested this should be the method for Bishop Kelley trees.  More info to come.


John Pickrell passed around photo’s of a pine wood derby track that he made for the boy scouts.  He found the plans on the internet but changed the layout.  The track is in sections and when unfolded is 35' long.  The track has a formica finish which makes for a fast track.  The scout troop he made it for rents it out to other scout troops as a source of income.  John also showed two heart shaped box that he made from maple burl.  Nice work.  He also showed two levels that he made from teak and cocobolo. It consisted of a circle within a circle with the spirit bubble. An interesting hand made tool.

Chance Gatfield showed a baseball bat that he turned from oak, and a click pen made with holly and olive.  All of this was done using a bowl gouge.  


Steve Young said the big move for Woodcraft started on Saturday and went very well.  When you go into Woodcraft, look at the sales desk near the entrance.  The cabinet was made by Ron Lee  and the wood was walnut.  Steve also mentioned that Monte was going to carry a better supply of wood.  The goal is to have over 100 different species of wood for projects.

Jim McDonald also asked me to mention in the newsletter that he has a 24" wide double drum sander that can sand objects up to 5" thick.  He’s able to do custom sanding for those special projects.  He charges $60.00 per hour shop time.


Steve Young - $25.00, Logan Gilbert - $15.00 and Jack Kiefer -$10.00


Jack Kiefer announced there was $ 1,077.73 in the club treasury.


Dave Bivens did the honors.  Dave makes rolling gun carts for cowboy action shooting enthusiasts.  The carts are made from ½" plywood and weigh about 50 pounds. He likes to use a light colored wood, and the finish is 3 coats of Helmsman high gloss. The cart is built to hold a short barreled shotgun, referred to as a “coach gun”, a lever action rifle, and two colt revolver pistols with holsters.  Most competitors prefer pre 1900 firearms, or replicas. It also holds the ammo and safety equipment that comes with shooting.  It’s designed with wheels for easy moving, can be broken down and used as a seat  with an umbrella attached for those sunny days.  Dave has made approximately 63 carts.  He made one that could be put on the back of a motorcycle, and one that would fit in a mini cooper.  The smallest cart he’s built was for his Great Grandson in 3/4 size.  The carts start at $ 400.00 and go up.  Dave mentioned there club will be having a shoot at the black’s creek shooting facility the weekend of 16-17 July for those interested in old fashioned cowboy action.  Dave said he was to dangerous with a golf club so he took up shooting.

Thought for the month:

If a man has done his best, what else is there?
George S. Patton

Dave Bivens Cowboy Carts

John Pickrell Heart Boxes and Levels

Chance Gatfield – Baseball Bat & Turned Pen

Ron Lee's Sales Counter at Woodcraft


Next meeting: July 13, 2011