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June 2012 Meeting

June 13, 2012

The meeting opened at 7:00 PM
The next meeting is July 10, at 7:00 PM


Michael Kingsley opened the meeting and first on the list was the annual picnic with the wood turners and wood workers which will be held the 11th of Aug. at Ron Lee’s Home. Ron and Linda Lee’s address is: 660 S. Five Mile.  Members last names beginning from A thru L are to bring a salad, and M thru Z to bring a dessert.  Bring your own chairs.  Goodwoods will be supplying the pulled pork and the club will provide the soft drinks and water. No regular meeting for Aug.

Michael also brought in a box of 10,000 axles to be used for the toys for the Shriner’s Project. The past couple of years the toy distribution for the Shriner’s to pick up at our regular January meeting has always conflicted with the Shriner’s election of officers, so this year the toys will be picked up at our February meeting.  Michael also has a lot of wheels, and plans/drawings  by Alfred and Jim if you need plans to work from.  Next on the agenda was the Western Idaho Fair to be held from 17-26 Aug.  Dep’t. 15 is listed as Hobby Craft.  How to enter:  Bring in your entries with the entry forms to the Fairgrounds on Monday or Tuesday (13 or 14 Aug.)from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM. You can also enter online at  www.idahofair.com  then follow the links.  There is a $ 2.00 charge to file online.  Each exhibitor may enter only ONE ARTICLE IN EACH CLASS.  “Professional” in this dep’t. refers to any person who has sold, taught or is currently teaching their craft for any monetary gain. An entry fee of $ 3,00 will be charged for each project entered in the professional division only.  “Amateur” in this department refers to those who do not sell their projects for any purpose or monetary gain.  There will be no entry fee charged in the Amateur Division.  All work entered must have been completed in the last year. Judging Criteria:  Overall Appearance, Complexity of Project, Originality of Idea, Quality of Workmanship, and Overall Appeal.  Judging will be done on Wed. 15 Aug.  The fair opens Friday, Aug. 17th, and closes on Sunday, Aug. 26th.   IN NO CASE MAY EXHIBITS BE REMOVED BEFORE 10:00 AM MONDAY, AUG. 27.  There are several different classes in Divisions 8 and 27, Woodwork, for professionals and amateurs.  For further info get a program.  Diann Williams of Meridian, is the Superintendent, and Krissy Blandford of Eagle is the Asst. Superintendent.


The net balance after the purchase of the axles for $ 240.00 was $1,327.24.


Ron Lee introduced his friend Larry Wetz.


Bob Rudkin said he was very delighted with the raffle by his credit union for one of his rocking horses that brought in over $2,000.00 with the proceeds going to The Children’s Miracle Network.

Max Black brought up the possibility of several tools for sale.  The widow of a friend of his wants to sell his tools which include hand tools, bandsaw, planer, 10” Rockwell saw, grinder, sander, welder, 14’ boat with 4 motors, etc.  Max will get back on how this will happen.

Ron Lee talked briefly about the Boise Makers Fair which will occur next May.  It will give members an opportunity to demonstrate how things are made and how you can sell your wares.  Ron also has a 10” contractors saw for sale if you know anyone interested, $ 400.00.  Remember you can also post items for sale on our website in the classified section, and if you sell an item, remember to remove it from the site.  Ron also suggested that the members make something from the scraps in the shop and bring the project to the next meeting, and if that’s not possible, bring to the Sep.  meeting.  Things like jewelry boxes, turnings, picture frames, etc.

Mike Kingsley also reminded everyone that he still has some walnut from the tree recently cut down, and misc. other types of wood to pick from.  


Norm Brusse showed a box with dividers inside and a sliding lid and rope handles.  The box is used to keep wine or beer bottles cool. The box was made of poplar.


Jim McDonald showed a peppermill he made from spalted tamarind, with salad oil as the finish.  The spalted wood had a lot of character.


Chance Gatfield showed a knife he made from a kit from Woodcraft.  The slabs were red heart.


Ron Lee showed an 18” X 24” rectangular table that he had to recondition, and showed how he had to turn the new center post and 4 legs.  He said the original table was purchased at a yard sale for $ 5.00


Joe Ziegler brought in a picture of a table that he made for a newlywed couple, and two additional tables. The larger table he brought to the meeting was made using zebra wood, cherry, yellow & purple heart, walnut, and canary wood.  All of these pieces were 3/16th of an inch thick and glued to a plywood backing.  The next table has a little story and I’ll try to get it right.  Apparently the receptionist at the gym Joe goes to saw the larger table and inquired how she could get one.  

Well, since Joe only see’s the receptionist 1/8th of the time he see’s the recipient of his larger table, he made her a table 1/8 scale to the original.  Joe said he had about 60 hours into all of these projects. Well done Joe.



Don  Blasdel put on a dovetail joinery demonstration.  He also put on this demo at the artistry in wood show in Feb.  Don said he likes to cut the tails first, then the pins.  He uses a home made angle gauge with angles of 8 or 10 degrees depending on the project. He also likes to use a fine point roller ball pen to mark his angles.  After cutting the angles with his dovetail saw, he switches to a fret saw, (not a coping saw) to cut out the waste.  When doing the final work on the pins and tails with a chisel he starts from the backside first.  He prefers a 25 degree angle on his chisels,and for soft woods a 17 degrees.  When he’s finished putting he two pieces together he uses his plane to put the final finish on his work.  He puts in a lot of time each week practicing on cutting pins and tails.


Quote of the Month:  Success is the maximum utilization of the ability that you have.
Zig Ziglar

Next meeting: July 11, 2012 at 7:00 PM - See you there!