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August 28, 2012:

Hello Everyone – 

It’s just me Micheal, Club President, NOT Our great and fearless leader of the free world! 

Well, it has been a while since we have had a regular newsletter so I thought I would send something out to everyone just to see if all of you are still receiving emails from the club.

We had a great Picnic in August. Photos can been seen at this page. Lots of folks showed up, great food, but greater company. First time we had a raffle at a picnic. Frank Lench, President from the Wood Turners Club thought we should do a free raffle giveaway to go along with the Mallet contest. We gave away a bunch of wood from Frank’s Wood pile, a bunch of wood from our wood pile and a bunch of turnings from Frank and myself. I know almost everyone left with something. I got some great Apricot to turn, so I was happy!

Ron Lee had contests in his shop for the best Hammer Driver and the fastest Hand Saw. We did have a slight mishap when Brian Malner tried to cut off his thumb, but thank goodness he failed and it stayed attached! And to top it off, Logan, Norm’s grandson won the wicket post contest! Beat all us old folks at a hotly contested game. Bang, one shot and he nailed it. Everyone was speechless!

We really want to thank Ron and Linda Lee for their fantastic hospitality in bringing us all into their home and putting up with almost 60 people parking around the house and using the bathroom. And they did a wonderful job holding everything together as well. I would also like to thank all the people that helped set up the tables and chairs and tents and also we would like to thank everyone that stayed afterwards and helped to clean up, that was fantastic as well! Linda even had a lost and found the next day. I know I went back by and found my lost hat and even picked up an earring for delivery the day after the picnic.

We had A Walnut Wood sale too. A lady with a truck stopped by with walnut in the back and tried to empty it, but I think most of us were thinking of food and not buying wood. I went to see her the next day, but truthfully, didn’t find anything I could use. She is still selling it. I think Bob Johnson has her number, so if anyone else is interested, they can contact him and get a hold of her. Nice wood, but most of what I saw to use was 1” thick, or 4” thick and really long. So the furniture makers might be interested, I just couldn’t find any guitar wood.

Speaking of Guitar wood, I DID finally finish that Telecaster Guitar I’ve been building. I will bring it to the next meeting on the 12th of September. I will also be bringing a Violin Kit that I picked up at Stewart MacDonald this last month, so everyone can see just what it is you get in one of those kits. It might even be a good idea for a bunch of us to purchase some of these kits and put them together as a group?? ($178.95 for the Kit, $25.97 for a bow) All the instructions are included and you have to supply your own finish. I’m thinking French Polish, but that’s just me. I’ve done it before, It’s just like polishing your dress shoes for two days!

In September, we will also have  Aaron Cornell doing a demonstration of the Lee Dovetail Jig. Some of you may know Aaron from the Wood Turning group, or from WoodCraft as he is the “go to” guy that Monte uses for Dovetail Classes and Demonstrations for the Lee jig. So we are really getting a treat by having him come by our little group and giving us a demonstration in our club meeting. I know we got to see what Don does with a handsaw and a little Armstrong power to make dovetails. Now we will be seeing what it looks like to use what I have been told is the best Router and Jig method at making dovetails. Aaron says the Lee Jig is the best one to use. I will bring my Porter Cable Jig, the one that I haven’t figured out yet, to show you what one of those look like, and Aaron will tell us why it doesn’t work as well.

Well, I will be seeing you all at the next meeting! Until then …….. 


Micheal -- 208-362-1767

Next Meeting September 12, 2012