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Minutes of the August 13, 2014 Meeting held at Woodcraft in Boise.
President Micheal Kingsley called the meeting to order at 7:04 PM


New Members

Sean Glaser





Treasurer's Report

Treasurer Jack Keifer reported the current treasury balance is $1691.97


Old Business

The Picnic is to be held at Ron Lee’s home (660 N. Five Mile Road, Boise) on Saturday, September 6 at 2PM.  Members with last names A-L: Please bring a side dish or salad,  M-Z: dessert.  Meat (pulled pork); drinks and table service will be provided.  This is a family event so no alcohol.  This year’s competition will be wood identification.  Music will be provided by local musician Gayle Chapman.

Ron is looking for volunteers to help set up at 9AM; call if interested.

Information is available on the club website.

Members were asked to bring chairs.

Shriners Toy Project
Micheal reviewed the toy project for anyone not familiar with it.  Wheels, axles, and plans are available for builders.  Micheal noted we need more small axles.  Jack will order more.  Call Micheal if you need wheels or axles.


New Business

Micheal reported a new version of the Rogue’s Gallery was sent to members in an e-mail.

Micheal reviewed the Fine Woodworking magazine discount.
(Secretary’s note:  An email was sent to all members after the meeting clarifying the discount program.)


New at Woodcraft

Steve Merrill talked about Aqua Coat clear wood filler.  Also new is Nexa Bond C.A. glue with polymers to make it more flexible available in slow/medium/fast set versions.  This glue is being used by shops to greatly reduce glue drying time.  GRR-RIPPER Gravity Heel Accessories for GRR-RIPPER pushblocks are available also.


Woodcraft Demo

Steve Merrill gave a demo of the Kreg Foreman Electric Pocket Hole Machine now available.  This machine costs considerably less than the previously available Kreg pocket hole machines and drills pocket holes much faster than possible with their jigs.

Steve also said the store will be having a special event on Saturday, September 13, with vendor representatives, demonstrations, product drawings, and discounts on tools, etc.  Pre sales on tools over $300 are available starting now.



Show & Tell

Brian Bass showed a microscope slide box recently made.  This is called a “Dexter Box” apparently because the main character in the Dexter TV show on Showtime used one.

Don Blasdel had a scroll sawn/routed/turned box made from yellow/red/purpleheart and a curly maple box with hand cut dovetails.  Don made this for the crew of the submarine he was on which is having a reunion.  It is made to hold a spirits bottle and glasses.

Bruce Johnstone showed a wood front loader toy he made from plans in Wood Magazine.  Bruce modified the plans to make a roller.  They both share a common cab section.

Ron Lee had a cabinet to be used as a base for a deer head made from blue pine. Ron had two boards to work with which required some creative woodworking to complete the project.  The vertical corners on the stiles use a bird’s mouth joint.  Spray lacquer was used for the finish.





Regular raffle: three $15 Woodcraft gift cards, magnetic parts bowl, spring tool set.
Class raffle: Next class raffle will be in October



Micheal Kingsley showed the videos from Rennie Heuer’s 7/9/14 demonstration that couldn’t be shown due to technical difficulties.

Micheal talked about making the tops and backs of archtop guitars.  The top is arched like a violin to improve the power and quality of the tone.  A series of holes to serve as depth guides for subsequent shaping are drilled on both sides using a drill press to control the depth of the hole.  The inside is hollowed first since the flat outside before shaping makes this easier.

Micheal showed and talked about a number of small planes he uses.  Some of these are purchased planes he has modified and others he has made.  He talked about his planing techniques to deal with changing grain directions.

Finally, Micheal showed his French polishing process on some pieces of 2x6 framing lumber.  He uses flake shellac, alcohol and walnut oil in the polishing process.  The shellac flakes are dissolved in alcohol to make finish as needed.  Shellac produces a very thin layer of finish so several applications are needed.  The first coats are rubbed in with pumice powder as a fine abrasive which also helps fill the pores of the wood.  Later coats are applied without the abrasive to bring the finish to a high sheen.  Micheal recommended avoiding home center alcohol due to avoid the chemicals used in the denaturing process making for more irritating fumes.  He gets his from Woodcraft.  If you can afford and find it, Everclear Vodka works too.  Walnut oil is used as a lubricant to keep the polishing pad (made of wool wadding inside a soft cloth) from sticking to the previous coat and pulling it up.  Shellac dries very quickly but each coat dissolves into the previous coats.  Walnut oil dries, unlike mineral oil, making a more durable finish.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:19 PM.
Alan Hochhalter, Secretary


Upcoming Events:

Next meeting: October, 7 PM, Woodcraft Boise.

Picnic: September 6, 2 PM, Ron Lee`s house.


2014 Officers:

President – Micheal Kingsley
Vice President – Dan Kolsky
Treasurer – Jack Keifer
Secretary – Alan Hochhalter
Meeting Refreshments – Kelly Christensen