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September 2010 Meeting

September 8, 2010

Twenty two woodworkers met at Woodcraft at 7:00 pm.

Treasurer Bob Middleton reported a balance of $480.42.

The last meeting had been the annual Picnic held at Micheal and Marleen Kingsley’s place. By all reports it was a pleasant event.

The toys for the Shriners Children’s Hospital will be collected at the November meeting.

Steve Young announced that the “Turn for the Troops” will be on Nov 16. Those with mini-lathes can bring them. It is hoped to have twenty or more lathes. Those who do not turn are needed to assemble the pens and many other tasks. The goal is to produce more than 1000 pens that will be sent to the men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.   

Election of officers will be at the November meeting. Offices are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Program Coordinator.

The drawing for the gift card was won by John Olden, George Ross and Chance won plaques made by Mike on his CarveWright as the demonstration.


Scott's items from the store

·   Long Allen wrenches in both metric and English sizes
·   Deck Jig from Kreg. With spacers the jig allows deck screws to go at an angle on the side instead of being exposed on the top of the plank.
·   A collection of new turning tools from Pinnacle
·   The Sorby belt sander for sharpening tools comes with a variety of jigs for sharpening a variety of tools.

Show and Tell

Joe Ziegler showed pictures of a three wheeled bike with a seat on the back. He also had a sign directing to the wedding.

Dan Huffman showed a toy airplane and a box with wooden hinges.



Mike demonstrated his CarveWright.

Several events are scheduled for the November meeting.

The toys for Shriners will be collected.

The annual contest of our projects. Bring your best works of the year.

Election of officers.

Messsage from the President Micheal Kingsley

At the October meeting, Jack Benson of Jak's Refinishing is going to give us a review of refinish and finishing techniques.

Someone made off with all the axels at the last meeting so Bob has ordered some more for those who still need parts. We will have the wheels and axels there for everyone, please check with Bob Middleton when you get them so he knows what the supplies are. We will also discuss how many of what toys are going to be ready for the November pick up.

Everyone needs to get ready for the big November Show where everyone brings in their best project of the year for judging and ribbons!

Nominations and elections are going to be in November too, so let's all think about who we want for the officers. If I'm nominated I will serve but I won't be there, or is it I'll be there but I won't serve? Or maybe I'll be there and serve but not be anywhere at all???? I don't know, I'll still be pres. if you want me, but not if you don't! Anyway Ken is looking for a replacement for secretary and Bob Rudkin probably needs a year off. He has been vice-pres for a long time. I haven't talked to Bob Middleton, but I'm hoping he will continue as Treasurer since nobody really knows what he is doing but him. We also need to elect a program director. I think a new position is called for, since I'm also doing the Idaho Artistry in wood with John Pickrell. Something to think about and I'll bring it up at the next meeting as well.

Next meeting: October 13, 2010