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September 12, 2012:


Michael Kingsley opened the meeting and first on the list were several large boards with pictures from the picnic held at Ron & Linda Lee’s home.  Next on the agenda Michael mentioned that Phillip Briggs at Intermountain Hardwood was going to make wood available from skids that have been broken down.  Suppose to be some nice wood in the mix.  Next was a brief discussion about the Ada County Fair.  John Pickrell said the most interesting piece that he saw was a 3 legged rocking chair.  His one complaint was that a lot of the woodworking items that were entered were spread all over and not concentrated in the Arts and Crafts section.  Ron Lee spoke next and said he was the Judge for the woodworking items and that the biggest problem where pieces were downgraded was on the finish.  He made notations on the back of the cards that were attached to the pieces entered so the craftsman could see why they were judged the way they were.  Good job Ron, it had to be time consuming.


Concerning the toys for the Shriner’s, Ron Lee suggested that a day could be set aside to mass produce the toys. One suggestion was to have  up to 5 people at different members shops based on location and a sign up sheet for those who want to open up there shops.  The toys don’t have to be elaborate, just something that a 5 year old can play with.  Ron also felt that this would be a good time to introduce a teenager to woodworking.

Michael Kingsley said he has been talking with Brian Tandrow and suggested that an advisory committee be established to better serve our woodworking club.

Also brought up was what to do with tools for members and non/members who have passed on and the family has no desire to keep the tools.  Should an auction house be contacted to see what kind of deal they offer? Also contacting the Antique Tool Club for help. Help the family with an inventory sheet with estimated prices?  Also mentioned that current members might want to make an inventory sheet or DVD  on when a tool was purchased and the price,  etc., but then there was also concern about where you keep this inventory list, and what about a divorce situation, etc.  All good points for an advisory committee.

Michael then opened up the floor for the position of Secretary.  Yours truly always has trouble when it comes to computers and with the help of Michael Kingsley, Dan Kolsky, and my son Mike I’m able to get out a newsletter.  The other problem is my hearing which continues to get worse and I feel a lot of what is said at the meetings, I miss.  Thanks to Russ Whitney at Sawtooth Ideas who is filling my position.

Also brought up is a Demonstration Committee, possibly to meet at the same time as the Advisory Committee.  Should we try for a demo at each meeting, or possibly only have 3 demo’s a year?  Let Michael know if you have any suggestions.  Ron Lee made a suggestion that possibly members could give a short presentation on a problem they encountered and how they handled it.  It could be something as simple as a jig or a minor repair.  Ron went on by putting on a quick 5 minute demo for a table repair he had to make.

To continue with new business, Michael Kingsley said that some members need help when it comes to transporting large pieces to the upcoming Artistry in Wood Show.  Also the show will now have 1 judge and 2 helpers and they will only judge from 6:00 to 8:30.  The other change is that the show will end at 1:00 PM on Sunday and everyone can pack up and empty the room by 4:30.  The other change is the auction.  They suggest just 5 nice pieces be put up for auction.  As for members entering items at the show, the club will pay for 3 items per person.  If a member enters more than 3, they pay for the extra pieces.


John Pickrell brought in a chair with very interesting joinery, including a cantilevered seat.  The chair is made using Catalpa, and the back supports are Cherry to add contrast.  See pictures.

Gary Tock brought in several small carved pieces and a beautiful jewelry box made by a friend of his.  He showed one carved piece using the Mobius Strip that had been cut down the center, and then when you cut it one more time down the center it becomes intertwined.  See pictures.

Dan Huffman brought in a beautiful box made using Walnut, Purple Heart, Maple, Padauk, and Ebony, and topped it off with a poly finish.  Very Nice. See Pictures.

Michael Kingsley brought in a guitar with the main body made from Cherry, with a Walnut strip and the neck made with Maple.   He said the guitar weighs about 9 ½ lbs, would take  about 3 weeks total time if working full time to build, and the hardware over and above the price of wood was about $ 800.00.  He next showed a Violin Kit which he purchased for $167.00.  Most of the pieces are routed except for the top which is hand carved.  The bow is not included in the kit.  See pictures.


Monte at Woodcraft talked about the 3rd annual tool swap which will be held on Saturday, Sep. 22 from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  Bring your own table and chairs and any tools you want to swap or sell.  The other stores around Woodcraft will also be participating. This event will be advertised in the print and radio media.  If you have any tools you want to swap or sell, get pictures to Monte and he’ll put them on his website.  Monte also showed some new products they’re carrying.  Packaged Birdseye Maple, a new style of adjustable hold down clamps, a work table, assorted batteries used in tools and drill bits MADE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


Erin Cornell from Mountain Home put on a demonstration showing the ease of using the Leigh Dovetail Jig.  He also brought with him 3 boxes, 90% of which came from recycled wood, and all had dovetailed joinery.  Two of the boxes had curved sides which he made by using a router and raised panel router bit, which  was a nice touch.  The finish on the box with the Maple Burl center was sanding sealer and 5 coats of lacquer.  See pictures.

Quote for August since I lost the minutes to the meeting.
“What I do today is important because I am paying a day of my life for it.  What I accomplish must be worthwhile because the price is high.”

Quote of the Month
Work joyfully and peacefully, knowing that right thoughts and right efforts will inevitably bring about right results.

Next Meeting October 10, 2012