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Minutes of the September 9, 2015 Meeting held at Woodcraft in Boise.
President Brian Bass called the meeting to order at 7:06 PM


New members




Jeff Adams


Treasurer's Report - Jack Keifer

Treasurer Jack Keifer was absent, so John Pickrell reported the current balance in the treasury is $809.19.



Steve Young announced that Turn For Troops will be November 7 at the store.


New at Woodcraft

No presentation this month; instead Steve Merrill talked about some things going on at the store.

September 26th will be the wood expo tent sale at Woodcraft.  The first one hundred people attending between 8AM and 10AM – note the one hour earlier opening time - get a coupon for a free t-shirt if they get some vendor stamps from the tent.  For the first two hours, there will be an extra 5% off sale prices, otherwise discounts are 10 and 15% for many items in the store.  Some new vendors will be demonstrating this year including a combo CNC router/3D printer/laser.  The store is pre selling tools now.  Bosch tools are now available at the store.


Old Business:


Brian Bass said he had received three calls in the last month requesting information; things like how to build, etc.  He had some questions from some of the scrollers about a possible assembly meeting at someone’s shop.  Several members volunteered to host one.


New Business

Woodcraft Tent Sale

Brian Bass asked for volunteers to staff a table at the tent sale and suggested we have some flyers for Idaho Artistry in Wood available.


Max Black was contacted by Boise City Arts and History about two historic trees that have been cut down.  They made the trees available to woodworkers who might make saleable gifts from the wood.  The trees were on a property where artist James Castle lived.  The house is to be converted to an arts interpretive center with a resident artist.  There are two Boxelder trees with many burls.  Max will have the wood cut (burls and remaining into lumber).  Wood will be available to those who ask first.  Talk to Max or Micheal Kingsley if interested.

Idaho Artistry in Wood

Idaho Artistry in Wood committee meetings start this month.  Rich Froelich is president, Michael Kingsley is VP.


Brian had some DVDs donated to the library and noted that three DVDs already in the library have been checked out for some time to Joe Howard, Bob Ancin, and Phillip Briggs..



Regular raffle: two $15 Woodcraft gift cards, 3 groups of veneer donated by Micheal Kingsley, a sub fence hole clamp, and two box elder burls.

Class raffle: Next raffle in November.


Show & Tell

Brad Winters had some model racing cars to show.  He had a photo of some Meridian water tower trophies he was making with help from Ron Lee.

Alan Hochhalter had a Moxon vise.


Bob Johnson showed a model railroad car.

Brian Bass had a scroll-sawn box..



Steve Merrill demonstrated wood turning using Easy Wood Tools turning tools.

While getting ready Steve gave a few tips; avoid the pith because that is where it will crack, rough shape the wood so it is reasonably balanced and rounded.

Blanks can be held between centers, with a turned tenon in a chuck, and with a bowl screw.

Use a center in the tail stock when possible and check for clearance between the work and the bed and tool rest before applying power.

Easy Wood Tools come in three sizes; small, medium, and large and all use replaceable carbide cutters. The small and medium sizes use the same cutters; the medium can extend 3” vs 2” from the tool rest. There is a square profile (with a slight radius to the edges) for roughing, a round cutter for finishing, and a pointed cutter for details.  They all operate with a scraping cut and are simpler to use than traditional turning tools so beginning turners can get started easier.

The tool is held level, never handle down, and the tool rest is set so the cutter is dead center on the turning.

Steve uses a face shield for bowls in case they come off the lathe.



The meeting was adjourned at 9 PM.

Alan Hochhalter, Secretary.


Upcoming Events:

Next meeting: 7:00 PM, October 14, 2015 at Boise Woodcraft


2015 Officers:

President – Brian Bass
Vice President – Scott Taylor

Treasurer – Jack Keifer
Secretary – Alan Hochhalter
Meeting Refreshments – Kelly Christensen



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