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I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how great the beginner’s 2013 Revit class was. When I first signed up for the class, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was hoping that it wouldn’t be so structured that I would lose interest and be discouraged in the software. You put my fears to rest and I appreciate that. Your knowledge of the “real world” work environment allowed you to understand what I needed from the class and your knowledge of all Autodesk software’s gave me a real insight of how best to utilize Revit for our Architectural firm. I feel you did a great job in delivering the basic concept of model building versus cad drafting and changing our mindset. Since our class was made up of experience and not so experience drafters, your flexibility in the classroom to tackle “real world” scenarios was very instrumental in making the lessons go smoothly. You allowed us to take our time on each task until we had good understanding of the task and commands of lesson. I also appreciated the additional information outside the study guides that you supplied us with; I’m finding that I’m using those tools more than I expected. I feel we covered more in the class than I expected to cover.
I am looking forward to the next series of Revit classes
Again, thank you for your help and insight!
Adam G.

The Revit class at CWI taught by Micheal Kingsley was just what I was hoping for. Mr.Kingsley’s knowledge and experience with this program, as well as other drafting programs, proved invaluable. After just the very first class, I knew I had made the right choice. Having a teacher that could give one-on-one attention to students, as well as answer questions about the nuances of Revit, made a world of difference. I feel that I can now offer unique value to both employers and clients.
Kara A.

I have enjoyed Micheal and Marleen Kinsley’s friendship for the better part of 20 years and you will never meet a better couple, they are compassionate in what they do and always eager to share their knowledge and experience. Micheal has a vast knowledge of all aspects of drafting with AutoCad which is important to a client who is paying for services by the hour.
Mike K.

In working with Michael, I found him to be an exceptional talent! We loved the way our project turned out and I would recommend him to anyone looking for quality professional work.
Leona W.

Mike is a pleasure to work with. He listens carefully during the design phase and the results are top notch. One of the contractors was surprised that there wasn't a single mark up on the blueprints after a review from Ada county. He said he had never seen that before.
Jim K.