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July 21, 2003


The heating and cooling guys came in also today, and went under the house to install more of the vent work. When they were finished, they covered all the downstairs register openings with screens.


They also cut a hole for a register vent under where the kitchen sink will go. (below right)





And lastly for today's update...
Contractors for Idaho Power came by because they were told some power fluctuations were occurring that were likely caused by loose bolts inside our transformer. They opened up the box to tighten the bolts when, just seconds after we took the right photo, he accidentally touched something wrong and a HUGE electrical spark jumped out. Made all our hair stand on end and nearly knocked down the guy doing the work. He threw down the wrench (that was now incredibly twisted and melted) and went to get another tool to finish up. They put the cover back on then and left without saying another word. Right after they had gone, we realized we had no power at all! So, after a quick call to Idaho Power who politely informed us that they were only responsible up to the transformer, Mike K. & Micheal got the power back on by themselves.

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