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June 12, 2003       The Rock!

    That afternoon we got a call from a landscaping place we had visited earlier in the week inquiring about a rock to mark our address and driveway. We knew the rock would be around $200 and we figured it would be around $100 to have it engraved with our name & address. We certainly weren't expecting it to cost $1000 however! After some thought we decided it would be nice to just get the rock and add the text later, if at all. After all, a rock is a good landmark all by itself. So off we went to the rock yard to pick out a good sized rock. It didn't take us long to find a 3/4 ton beauty that measured about 5 ft by 3 ft. And they would even load it into our truck for us!
     When we finally got it home, we were faced with how to get it out of the truck and set in place in the driveway berm. So it was decided we would ask the man of unlimited talent - Mike Fletcher! Without hesitation he said he would be happy to help and hopped on his backhoe and headed over to the place we wanted to put it while Micheal drove the truck in position......



Mike F. first wrapped a packing blanket on the rock to protect the surface, then hooked the chain around it and the pallet it was sitting on.


He slowly lifted the rock while Micheal quickly drove the truck out from under it.


Then he carried it over to the area where Micheal had cleared a flat spot in the berm.




They set it down to remove the pallet, then tried tipping it into position. It almost went.... but then fell over at the last minute. Time for plan B.....


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