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July 8, 2003    Framing Inspection

     Work has been a little slow lately while we wait for roofing materials. The siding is on hold until we get the roof flashing in. Mike K. is using this time to run the cable, internet & phone lines as well as taking care of a few incidentals that will make sure everything runs smoothly once work begins again. The insulation representative came by also, and took measurements so he'll have everything ready when the insulation crew comes in.


Today Inspector Dennis Allen came by for the framing inspection. Mike Kenley was here also and took notes as the inspection progressed. Outside of just a few things that will need to be fixed, everything looked good. Now we can have the insulation installed for the next inspection.


Above - Dennis points out that we will need to add strapping to connect this top wall and gable truss.  





These images in this set are a few that were taken in the crawl space under the house. Pretty busy under there with all the sewer pipes, register ducting and under the floor wiring.





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