Page Eighty-Seven
July 11, 2003


Before long, he had the entire living room ceiling done.


Then he began filling the other rooms and any open areas  - like the one between the office ceiling and the roof.


After they were done with the last ceiling, they cut away the fabric covering all the return vents, outlets and light boxes. Now we can really get an idea what the house is going to look like with the sheetrock on the ceilings. The sound is really muffled though, since the fabric and foam absorb it so much.





(Above) - At the same time the insulating process was going on, Mike and Micheal added the hold downs that were requested in the inspection, to reinforce the straps that are on the outside of the walls.
(Below) - Mike K. also built a box so we could have the soft water hose bib moved from where it is now (so close to the floor), to a more manageable location on the side of the wall. (the right side of right image).



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