Page Ninety-Seven
July 19 - 20, 2003

     On Friday we decided to make a rather radical change to the overall appearance of the house by changing the outside color scheme. After learning the blue roof we were going to use would be delayed, we decided to look at some of the other colors that were more readily available when we found a beautiful copper shade that we both immediately fell in love with. Although it is a little more expensive, we think it will definitely be worth it. So now we will using a light beige house with dark brick trim and a stunning copper roof. Think we're crazy? Wait until you see how good they look together! We've seen a couple of other buildings with a similar scheme - and they look gorgeous!



This weekend we decided to get some rocks from our friends at Victory Greens to better define the inner edge of the circle driveway. This set shows us after getting back with the first load.




After unloading the first load, we went back to get the second one.




Thanks for helping us load up Ron! Now we just have to unload them once we get home.



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