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May 15, 2003     Closing Day!

     Today we finally closed on our loan! Almost two months to the day from when we began the loan process. All went very well as we signed an enormous stack of paperwork. We were approved for the entire amount that we asked for with a large enough contigency fund to cover the additional expenses we didn't have listed on our final cost breakdown (fence, landscaping, deck, power line costs, etc.).
     The last few days were spent finalizing our carpet and tile slections and meeting with a salesperson at SuperBath to approve the items the plumber had picked out. It tooks us nearly two hours to pick out the sinks, showers, garden tub, toilets and all the fixtures we would need. On Wednesday we did the conference call between us, Mike Kenley, Steve our financier, his assistant and the main finance officer from the east coast. We covered how we would proceed with the draws for Mike, a few other details about the loan and scheduled the closing for 2:00 today.
     Afterward we met with Mike Kenley so he could give us an idea of our timeline. We are expecting the building permit to be approved either tomorrow or Monday the 19th, and Mike says the foundation work will start right after that happens. We may begin the actual framing process in a matter of just two weeks!
     Other notes for the week - the dirt that was to be delivered last Monday hasn't arrived because of time constraints with the company.



Work is nearly completed on the base for the driveway.


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