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     As of this date (May 12, 2003) we are preparing to have additional road dirt brought in that will cost $2 per cubic yard delivered. We are estimating about 300 yards needed to complete the roadbed and make a berm all along the south and part of the west side of the house to plant shade trees on. We still haven't quite decided whether the fence will go on the inside or outside of that tree berm. We do know however that we are using a white vinyl post and rail ranch style fence that we have found locally for about $3.50 per foot (if we do our own installation).
     On Friday May 9th, we went down to the Carpet store to begin selecting carpet, vinyl and tile. That was an incredibly tough process, so I can just imagine what lies ahead when we have to select our lighting fixtures, appliances, kitchen & bath fixtures, etc. At least we already know what kind of cabinets we want (oak) and have selected the interior and exterior paint colors!
     Saturday May 10th brought the final word from the Idaho Power officials about how much our electrical service will cost. I'll warn you, it wasn't very pretty... $3,700.00! And that's if we dig the trench, lay the conduit bed, and have the trench buried afterwards! Needless to say, we were a bit shocked. I guess we'll try to have that included in with the loan. Oh yes, we're still hoping that we close on that this week too. It would really be unhappy news to have that fall through after all we've been through so far. Not to mention the out of pocket expenses we've already had! We are still very positive though. Our financier keeps telling us there is nothing to worry about. We're just waiting to hear that a conference call has been set up with the mortgage company back east concerning the funds dispersment between us and our builder.


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