This web site is devoted to the popularization and the increase of demand of a music of a most various genres, among which are contemporary instrumental, world, electronic, ambient, space, meditation, native, celtic, vocal, smooth jazz, cosmopolitan and many other trends of the modern music. But mainly this web site promotes the NEW AGE MUSIC

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Serge Kozlovsky is a poet and is quickly earning the title, "Relaxation Guru", due to his mantras and his "self-exploration" approach to poetic life. Find in his books, spiritual mantras, psychological worksheets geared toward self-improvment and inner-peace. Also included are gorgeous coloring pages created by award-winning artst, Angel Dunworth, that are aimed to help lower stress level and to bring out the creative in all of us. This book is an absolute masterpiece. No one should be without it.

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Serge Kozlovsky, deemed “Relaxation Guru” has blessed us with a third book. A poetic approach to inner peace, this work is filled with mantras, meditations, and psychological worksheets, specifically designed to create self-knowledge and connect with the magical universe around us. While exploring ourselves with additional coloring pages and/ or filling in an Id flowchart, we will realize and embrace our full self. This New Age approach to an age-old problem, shows that Kozlovsky dares to breach limits, that most writers fear to explore.

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We are proud to invite you to order the first fairy tale book “Snail and Duckling” by Serge Kozlovsky, recently published by Cheshire Grin Publishing, USA. All images in this book have been made in the new neurographics technique.

Neurographics is a method of art therapy and one of the newest and most fashionable psychological methods. It was developed by an architect from St. Petersburg, Pavel Piskarev (http://www.neurograff.com/).

Neurographics is also based on psychological methods, such as the Gestalt therapy and Kurt Levine's field theory (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kurt_Lewin).

Our world consists of shapes and lines. Neurographics works with the personality field, harmonizes the inner world, helps formulate the problem and find its solution, models the new reality through the image, relieves from negative emotions and stress.

All the drawings in the book are made in the style of Neurographics by Natali Kozlovsky.

This fairy tale has been translated into English by talented high-skilled translator Helen Hagon from England.

Reviews and Ordering links HERE!

The second book of poetry has been published!

The new book of poetry "Soothing the Soul" by Serge Kozlovsky continues where the previous one left off. This book contains more poems, unique coloring pages, and practical exercises for therapy of mind and soul.

Poetry of Serge Kozlovsky is full of light and compassion. The author searches for enlightenment and divinity in everyday life and in things that may seem ordinary at first sight.

All aforesaid including a positive approach and clearness of the author's language - these features distinguish the creative work by Serge Kozlovsky from poetry written before.

We invite you to order the book “Soothing the Soul” by Serge Kozlovsky using the link indicated below:

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Mantras and Meditations for the Contemporary Woman

Finally! My first book is available for purchasing!

This is not only a book for reading but it is workbook too. You can read this book, use it for meditation, relaxation and therapeutic practices, and, certainly, make notes in it.

We tried to specify a reasonable price. I invite you to purchase printed version of my book because my poetry pieces have been inspired by the music of great musicians!

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My site devoted to new age and other genres of modern music has existed 18 years already! I hope it helps to discover new music and artists!

I'd like to say a huge "Thank You!!!" to all the wonderful people who have supported my humble work!

Your donations help keep our site fresh, and provide a better source of information. They are really important for our site's content! So, please enjoy your visit to my site and let's celebrate its 18th Anniversary together!

If you can afford a small donation, please know that your kind support helps the successful development of my site and my poetical writings!!

Last year was very fruitful for my work. Many new poetical reviews of truly amazing albums have been added to my site. I am sure that this year will be very successful too,  filled with a lot of new reviews about beautiful music!



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Concerning the Fairy Tales:
"I am looking for a publisher for my fairy tales. I'd like to publish a book(s) of my work "The Tales of Gnome Village".
I would be grateful for any advice and help on how best to get my fairy tales published.

Thank you for any input you can give."

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