Victory of the Spirit

(c) (p) 2008 Marc Beziat  


Light and weightless this music is like a butterfly which flies about from one beautiful flower to another. Marc Beziat’s melodies are filled with calm and inner harmony. They allow the listener to relax and to cure spiritual wounds. And the flavor of medieval romanticism is felt in Marc Beziat’s music.

The album “Victory of the Spirit” is very well composed. Compositions flow smoothly from one to another and you follow the rich and vivid fantasies of the artist.

The music of “Victory of the Spirit” is infused with joy and optimism. Marc Beziat appeals one to live, not to die. It is felt in every note of his very integral project.

Marc Beziat’s album “Victory of the Spirit” is the music which revives life’s energy and inspires for unconditional creation.

Serge Kozlovsky

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