Jeff Bjorck
Keepsakes in the Attic
(c) (p) 2016 Pure Piano Music

The music of Jeff Bjorck is deeply emotional. It touches the soul very strongly and you cannot tear yourself away from these inspirational tunes.

The album opens with a composition “Afternoon Reverie” which penetrates to the depth of your heart and easily evokes memories of the brightest moments of your life. The second composition “Returning Home” continues this mood and you can remember when you were a child and your parents were with you and the future seemed so happy and full of hopes for the better...

There is an important feature present in the music of Jeff Bjorck. It brings you a sense of security and confidence that everything will be fine. Besides, it undoubtedly arouses a strong therapeutic effect and may be perfectly used in the various restoring practices.

I can compare the tunes of Jeff Bjorck with a pure stream of refreshing water. When you drink it, you feel a sense of vivacity. And one wants to live and to create.

The music of Jeff Bjorck has one more important feature. It helps to open your eyes and to see how surrounded world is beautiful. You can see all its incredible colors and inhale its heady scents profoundly.

This music wakes up the imagination and it is very sensual also. Without a doubt you will want to listen to the album “Keepsakes in the Attic” time and again.

What more can be said about this striking release? Classical training is felt in the tunes of “Keepsakes in the Attic”. Especially I sense it in the composition “Midnight in Moscow”.

Jeff Bjorck is a brilliant pianist. The sound of his newest album is refined and it is beyond praise. All nuances of this release are played with a big finesse. Besides, I’d like to pick out the composition “Playing Catch with Dad”. It is filled with deepest emotional experiences and provokes sweet tears of childhood memories.

One wants to believe in yourself with the music of Jeff Bjorck and live life to the fullest…  

Serge Kozlovsky

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