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This music captivates you from the very first chords and invites you to undertake an exciting journey to the mysterious Celtic lands and beyond. Just give freedom to your imagination and start this unusual trip.

The music of the album “Voyager” is filled with warmth and cordiality. These are very feminine and refined compositions which lead you to the depths of your inner desires and yearnings. And this music gives you the strength to be open and perceptive in front of tomorrow’s problems. You are aware of all difficulties and you are sure that you are able to overcome all the everyday worries.

Catherine Duc masterfully combines influences from the music of the various parts of the world plunging the listener into the sparking cocktail of bright melodies and elegant ambient environment. And it is very comfortable to stay with her versatile compositions because the music of Catherine Duc is multicolored and it contains many tiny nuances.

“Voyager” is the third release of this talented artist and is an important new step in her music career. This album is listened to as a single whole and when you hear it you are eagerly waiting for the new pictures to start unfolding before your eyes.  

I’d like to say that all songs of the album are beautifully composed and masterfully performed. It is not accidentally that the album “Voyager” was nominated for a Grammy Award. Something very ancient is felt in the music of this amazing project. I can compare it with the rare flower which spreads its petals to the rays of the rising sun.

The music of the “Voyager” has one more an important feature. Its beauty gives you a power to live on and to feel all the unbelievable beauty of the surrounding world.

The music of Catherine Duc makes our world a little more pure. It gives you a long awaited sanctuary and you feel yourself safe and, at the same time, you are filled with confidence.

Just drift with this divine music and let the good fortune to fill your sails!

Serge Kozlovsky


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